ramway er9v 9v lithium. garbage!

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ramway er9v 9v lithium. garbage!

i got these by mistake off of ebay.
once i realized what i did i put one in my fluke 73III meter since the lithium’s do not seem to be prone to leakage.
well i noticed at times the zero offset was wrong until the meter was on about 15 seconds.
then it would settle to 0 and work correctly.
fast forward 1 year.
turned it on today and on dc v it read 18v with the probes open.
then it went to 0 as it should.
then the low battery icon shows up and display contrast starts pulsing.
i replace battery with a energizer and all symptoms clear.
then i test the ramway lithium.
reads 11.4v
but an esr test shows it to be over 99 ohms.
a homebrew paklite clone just barely glows.
so these are over voltage and essentially open circuit after 1 year.