Review: Rofis MR70

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Review: Rofis MR70

I always treated Rofis as something like C-grade company from basement and that`s why refused reviewing any of their lights not to waste my time. Funny that there was no causes for this attitude, that was just an image that somehow formed in my mind and roooted there. So, when I red review of respected forum member of (Russian-speaking flashlight community) that changed my mind. That guy is really picky and critical, so when his review was so positive, I decided to finally review my 1st Rofis. And, you know, i`m glad to comfirm long time of being mistaken about Rofis.

You can buy Rofis MR70 at

for years i`ve been buying batteries at sincerely recommend this store.

• Dual light source design: main light and side light
• The main light utilizes CREE XHP70.2 P2 CW LED, maximum output up to 3500 lumens
• The side light utilizes CREE XP – G2 R5 NW LED, maximum output to 200 lumens
• 3 brightness levels of both main light and side light to meet your luminous needs
• Made of aero grade aluminum alloy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, 1m impact resistance
• Uses constant current circuit, with high battery efficiency, stable output, no flashes
• One-touch control all functions, it is easy to operate
• One-piece shell, the structure is stable and reliable
• With Micro-USB charging, which supports up to max 2A charge
• Anti-reverse design to prevent incorrect battery installation causes the circuit damage
• Battery power detection, charging instructions, low battery reminder function
• With locking function prevents accidental illumination
• Can be used as a mobile power supply, use the USB adapter provide power to other devices. The maximum output to 2.2A, with a discharge capacity reminder
• Power supply: 1 × 26650 battery ( included )


Package is high-quality, both in design and material. That is will be definitely ok as a gift. No trace of being cheap or even budget thing.

Inside – flashlight and separate cardboard box, that contains holster that contains lanyard and spare o-rings and charge port plug.

Here they are, closer.

Usually, all this stuff doesn’t deserve any additional words, but not now. So:
1) this is best-looking (may be olight`s can be equal) charge cable that I met.
2) spare rubber plug is really cool addition, because when it`s lost, you definitely face problem. And that is for the part that cost less then dime.

Holster is good, I liked that there is a Velcro-covered square around button. Right at the same it I got Fitorch M30R for review, and there was similar construction of holster. So, it seems to be that this feature will soon be met in all other holsters, as it really functional in case button gets broken.


And here flashlight itself. It has it`s own design (though all the good 26650 lights has one) and this design is good. That is not like “wow!” design of some mecarmies and olights, but it is on the same level as R50\G20\EC50, closest rival of this model.

Size is typical for such sort of light and is little bit more than convoy: 12.70 × 3.92 × 3.92 cm

Though knurling is quite unusual – small rounds, that doesn’t affect grip, which is firm.

Tailscap is mid-size, with lace for lanyard. It moves on threads smoothly, no problems with taking it on.

Surprisingly, there is double spring there. Decent, thick springs.

Threads is large and well lubricated.

There is not spring (in form of spring) at the head, here we get elastic contact plate. The same I saw in Lumintop ODF30, but those time in the tailcap.

And if body doesn’t show anything significantly new (besides knurling and double spring), head is definitely way more interesting.
Head and body are both entire piece of metal, you cannot take head off from body. And all that doesn’t surprise. Surprising are next facts:

1) There are absolutely no cooling ribs there, very rare technical decision
2) There is an additional source of light in shape of matte plastic round at the head side.

3) I`ve reviewed about hundred+ different flashlights and most of them had convex buttons, and the rest (small number) – flat ones. And this rofis seems to be the only one that has concave button. And, you know – that is convenient. When fingers slides flashlight head, he instantly falls there in this small groove.
And, common feature now, button is red-green indicator as well. BTW, this indicator also serves as “locator”, just hold it for 4 seconds from OFF and button fill blink red.

So, here is this plastic round of additional sidelight. I don’t know what to add to this pic.

USB-charge cover port has good and reliable thick plug.

Glass is AR coated, OP reflector is 2cm deep with XHP70.2 on the bottom.

I couldn’t unscrew bezel, as I need some watch repair instrument for this ( parcel with it is on its way to me). But another reviewer has this stuff, so here is pic from his review

He also noticed diiiiiim glow of LED. Naked eye cannot catch it, I have to set about 20 sec exposition time on my camera to detect it )

So, here it is all.
Biuld quality seems to be, I don’t see visible CONs here. Design is good as well.


Button move is smooth, with some click.
I just paste pic here not to type all the text.
Btw, you can check download user manual here

UI seems to be logical and convenient.
But i`d add instant access to low and sidelight always start in LOW (in case you use it as nightlight, not to be blinded)


There is no PWM shimmering in any mode. But I do definitely hear some squeak in LOW ( I must notice that I have really good hearing and may be this squeak is not that hearable to most of ears)
Main light is regular CW, sidelight is cozy warm light about 4000K


In powerbank mode i got 3865mah with 0.9А max amperage, which is not bad, that`s enough to power up most of smartphones.
When I charged battery inside flashlight, I measured 1.7А max, though other reviewer confirmed 1.9А in some time

You can turn side light in MID mode while battery is being charged, which is great. It`d be nice if there was an opportunity to turn this light on WITHOUT battery, like Fenix CL25R.

I measured about 5600mah, but I also red about 6000mah. Seems Rofis put different batteries regarding to batch.
And, light!
Main light is good, typical to most 26650 light with XHP70.2, I bet you`ve got chance to test similar stuff.
What I don’t like is too bright LOW, which for me is not really LOW.
Something like regular below lumen MOON mode and LOW about 10-15 lums would be better IMO.
And, 1000 lums should be available as separate mode, I don’t want to wait for stepdown to get to it.

Anyway, you have enough light for most of needs. The only lack what you can face is the lack of throw, but, well, that is simply another sort of light. At least in turbo mode it is bright enough to illuminate everything in range of 200m with wide sidelight (but still performing worse with simple C8).
I estimate range of real use as about 100m, here M70R performs perfectly at any range from step ahead of you.


all this text in video mode:


Very cozy and comfortable. Being hung (a pair of office rubber rings and carabiner) and you get nice camplight.
In 60 lum mode (and this is brightness that I use most in my fave Fenix CL20R) it can work for about 3 nights from dusk till down.
And max mode (with stepdown) is enough for all the night).

Runtime is also good both in stabilization and time.



I`m glad to finally open myself one more good manufacturer.
Currently, I think, for price\functionality ration this model is close to be #1 pick among other 26650 light (I assume that I may forgotten about any other light which is 3000+ lums bright, has sidelight, powerbank mode and good battery included)

+ good package and build quality
+ convenient UI
+ really bright and useful in close-mid range light with good stabilization and runtime
+ cozy warm sidelight
+ built-in charge feature with high charge amperage
+ powerbank mode
+ overall price\functionality ratio
- no moon mode, and LOW is too bright
- sidelight can blind when is used as camp nighlight – no instant access to LOW
- you have to wait for stepdown to get to 1000 lum mode.

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