Batteries from AliExpress: my wise take on this

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Batteries from AliExpress: my wise take on this

Dear fellow readers,

AliExpress is clearly a cheap source for popular li-ion cells. However, there's clear available evidence that chances to receive fake cells can be high and there's actually more of it than what actually is found or realized. Need an example? People buying Samsung INR18650-25R bundles to later post a few pictures of the cells lacking a detail which matters a lot: clear shots of cell tops. Additionally some post shots of their analyzing charger's results showing much higher figures than what is typical for the cells, like ≈2900mAh LoL. Problem is the user wasn't complaining, maybe her/his clueless nature on this made her/him believe “Oooh! Much better!”… Facepalm
There is for sure a lot of people out there using rewrapped fake cells and not knowing/caring or giving a sh1t about it.
However, for users which care about what they receive this is a problem because in my experience opening disputes to resolve this can be hard (cannot use internet links or photos as backing proofs wtf, seller claims being accepted because fuck thee faith -without proof-, etc) and time consuming.
Since the AliExpress Case Management Team probably deals with just a relatively limited amount of disputes (neither the unaware nor the why bother crowds report) they are likely unaware of the actual magnitude of fake cells being sold through their portal.
We should make something about this. Additional pictures and reports in the product feedback page are recommended for product irregularities even when not going dispute (polite way recommended).
Furtherly, how about doing at least a multitudinous AliExpress complain report (My AliExpress -> Manage Reports) about this? This would at least increase the AliExpress staff awareness on this…

I would send a report. How about you? 


Cheers Party

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