Review: MHVAST TS50NW (Floodlight, 3x18650, XHP50.2, Thermal test)

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Review: MHVAST TS50NW (Floodlight, 3x18650, XHP50.2, Thermal test)

I received the MVHAST TS50 from for the review.
The TS50 is a 3×18650 floody light, with an XHP50.2 emitter. The light is available in CW and NW, I got the latter.

The Light comes in this box.

The content of the box: the TS50, manual, o-ring, spare switch cover.

The TS50 (170×47×64mm)

Some fins around the head

The body has some milling to improve the grip of the light

The electronic switch at the head of the light. It is also backlit.

There’s some knurling near the glass too.

The OP reflector with the warm XHP50.2 emitter. The glass shows some purples reflections at some angles, so I think it features a AR treatment.

Removing the body from the head of the light.

The inside of the body is not anodized.

The battery carrier, that can be inserted in both ways. It works with button top and flat top cells.

The tailcap is glues, so it can’t be unscrewed from the body.

Some size comparisons

• Single click the switch to turn the flashlight on/off
• With the flashlight on,press and hold the switch toStart shift mode:high-middle-low,when release the switch to stay the the current mode,
• Double click the switch quickly to access the hidden strobe mode,double click again to access SOS/beacon mode.
• With the batteries installed,the flashlight is turn off,press and hold the switch to turn the flashlight to Moonlight mode
• In Moonlight mode,double click the switch quickly 3 times to turn to locked mode,then double click the switch quickly 3 times again to unlocking.

Runtime and output
All tested with 3 18650 LG MJ1 unprotected.


The tint on my sample is a very pleasant neutral warm and the big emitter gives a good balance of flood and throw, headed more toward the flood side.
This is the ideal beam if you need to check out large areas with distances within 100-120 meters.

If you want to take a look at how the light looks in hand and how it performs in video, here’s a youtube video for you.

And here’s the thermal test of the light running at high mode.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The regulation at the high mode is good, beware that the light will become hot at high mode… but it won’t change the output by much. On the mid mode the output is less regulated.
I like that I can turn on the light at the last used mode and at the lowest mode, but I wish I could have direct access to high mode. I’d also like to have an additional 50ish output mode.
Compared to other lights that you saw in the pic, you can tell that it is smaller and lighter, mainly because it is a 3×18650 light, and so it features less runtime than the 4×18650 counterparts, but it is more easy to carry and use.

I would like this light to come with a sheath.
Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help, the tripod, the luxmeter.

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