Review: Enogear copper cube AA/14500 flashlight

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Review: Enogear copper cube AA/14500 flashlight

I recently won this light through 《Enogear GiveAway April》

It comes with brass and copper versions
You can chose cool tint / warm tint
link for purchase
Price = $25

Package in bubble wrap envelope and there was no damage to the light. Shipping time normally takes about 6-8 weeks from my previous purchased and this one took two weeks.

Size comparison- Enogear AA copper cube is the shortest light that i have own.

Tube size vs AA battery

Brass tail switch – reverse clicky. The edge on the tail is slightly sharp.

TIR optic – 10mm diameter

Square thread tail cap

Top view

Noticeable machine marks on flashlight tube

No visible PWM (flickering) to my eyes and I also checked with my camera
AA copper cube

Also no visible PWM with Enogear Stainless steel AA. Both light seems to have the same driver

Lights comparison with similar reflector size.
From left to right (Enogear copper cube, Enogear stainless steel, JetBeam 1-MK, JetBeam E10R, Thorfire Tk05, Klarus Mi7 and Utorch 01)

Beam shot comparison
Camera set on manual to lock in the exposure (ISO320, F2.8, 0.6sec and White Balance set to daylight)
The tint is true to my eyes.

Enogear copper cube tint is around 4700k to my eyes whereas Enogear stainless steel version is slightly warmer and I would guess around 4500k
Manufacture rated 120 lumen on high and it’s much higher. I would of guess around 300 lumens base on the beamshot comparison with Utorch AA max mode is approx 500 lumens

I will do further testing with run-time comparison and more beamshots in different environment this weekend as I’ve been sick badly with a flu.

The driver was installed through the optic front end with possibly press fitted bezel. It’s definitely a good performer light with unique design and i was going to purchase one if I didnt win the GiveAway.

Feel free to ask me questions and thanks for reading Davie

Nico Crown

Nico -.-

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Thanks, just ordered one of these.

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Not another AA light that I must drool and wish for to add to my collection… oh wait, no clip or other attachment methods without modifying? I’ll pass…

Thanks for the review and fine collection by the way.

I’ve got a thrower, a flooder, and an EDC too. Still looking for a bigger thrower, flooder, and a new EDC, give or take a few. I’m a flashaholic.

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Nice review! Tint seems perfect!

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oh bugger i need to do run test with other lights.

Got carried away during world cup + got lazy Big Smile

Nico -.-