[Review] Imalent RT70 good long-range search light (XHP70.2 + 4x18650 on 5500 lumen and 903m)

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[Review] Imalent RT70 good long-range search light (XHP70.2 + 4x18650 on 5500 lumen and 903m)

The RT70 were provided for testing by Fasttech shop free of charge.

Link to product page in shop

I chose the model for the review, because I’m interested compare this with Convoy L6.

Full review with non-English text in my blog

RT70, by default is not universal, and not EDC tool. This is a fairly large long-range search flashlight with a smooth reflector.

I compare RT70 with Convoy L6, because i use L6 in search expeditions. My L6 have a XHP70.2 LED with 5000K.

Imalent RT70, Convoy L6

RT70 is larger than MF01

Astrolux MF01, Convoy L6, Imalent RT70

RT70, YLP Escort T95CRI, 18650, Astrolux M02

L6 – 2 х 26650, RT70 – 4 parallel 18650.

The RT70 has a larger reflector diameter.


Convoy L6 w/o battery: 553 g
L6 with 2 × 26650: 747 g
MF01 with 4 × 18650: 734 g

With the weight of the RT70 everything is fine. It is lighter than its competitors


Color temp: 5000-6500K
Max output: 5500 lm
Integrated thermal control
Integrated magnet charger
Battery indicator

Beam distance: 903 m
Intensity: 203 800 cd
Impact resistance: 1,5 m
Waterproof: IPX8 (2 метра)

Power: 4 × 18650
Reflector: smooth


Packed normally, but the post office played football with a parcel. But the contents are fine, only the cardboard box is dented.

Complectation: flashlight, case, o-rings, patch-charger, instructions, lanyard. RT70 cat complected with and without batteries.


Dust protection on glass.

Very deep reflector. Optical illusion – it seems that the LED is in the center of the battery block.

Very large metal button, and under it the indicator.

On the opposite side of the charging port.

On the contacts of the charging port 134 mV, but there is no short-circuit current.

Knurling on the battery compartment is very clear and grip.

Bottom of flashlight.

The thread is very good and well lubricated. Twists well.

The springs are short and wide. Have a very short course.

The positive contact in the head looks massive, but not very safe. Just slightly more than 1 mm horizontally between + and – .


None of these batteries are suitable for this flashlight. Except BF+ with soldered nuts. I ordered a separate battery with welded addition positive contact.

Sanyo NCR18650GA with addition positive contact fits good:


Here all is well, the lamp is easy to hold in your hand, it is convenient to switch modes, it is balanced so that the head does not outweigh, besides the lamp is not so heavy.

Lux from 1 meter

By luxmeter (not phone).


8 minutes to the first descent in turbo mode.

Battery voltage after cut-off: 2,89 V

Light on stand

White balance = 5000K, tint = 0

Convoy L6


Beam on nature


RT70 on all modes. White balance [B]WB=5637K[/B]

The light is too concentrated for closed spaces

Left Imalent RT70, Right Convoy L6

WB=5000K, tint=0


Convoy L6 with XHP70.2 5000К a yellow. RT70 a little green.

More short distance: 15-20 m. The color temperature is different (mark on photo).


Open space!

Only maximum modes.

Speed skating stadium, 90 meters to the group of trees in the area of the second turn.

Speed skating stadium, 200 meter to the garage.


PWM and flicker

Same as DN70 20-21 kHz. Not a excellent but good.

Integrated magnet charger

From Xiaomi charger 2A = 1,78A (max 1,80A).

Integrated indicator of battery level and and of charge


Because the depth of a small, light lay on every side of on 5 minutes. Then I drowned him on a cord in the river.

After rinsing the lamp was turned on turbo – no fogging.

Waterproof confirmed! Not for standard test method, but for real situation.


More good and usable after DN70

1 short click swith light on to last used mode
1 short click swith off
Long press from on – list modes: min to max
long press from off (> 5 sec) – lock. Unlock – again long press.
2 short click from any mode – turbo
2 short click from turbo – strobe
3 short click – eco mode (minimum mode 60 lm) – Not descibed in instruction!


Very good and convenient flashlight. Not too narrow light, very bright and shines over a long distance. Not a excellent, but very good!


+ Very bright and shines over a long distance
+ Not too narrow light
+ Much closer to neutral than many previous generations of Imalent
+ Good runtime for hi modes
+ usefull charger
+ Fast access to turbo and minimum mode
+ Programm lock
+ Good balance in hand and small weight by size
+ Waterproof!


- Green tint in light
- Only battaries with addition plus allowed (or Imalent batteries in complectation with battaries)
- Charger current too small, it’s can be 2,10-2,40A or ~3A for USB-C formfactor.

my blog: http://torchobzor.blogspot.ru
And sorry for my english.

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Excellent review! L6 is great choice to compare RT70 with; beamshots are very helpful. Many thanks! Thumbs Up Beer

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Yes, L6 my primary tool for big search actions. Now RT70 can shift it Smile

my blog: http://torchobzor.blogspot.ru
And sorry for my english.