Tooth extraction

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Hope you feel better…!

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Tooth-extraction made easy… sort of.

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Reading this thread is making me anxious. My regularly scheduled dental cleaning checkup is in 4 days…

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Zulumoose wrote:

This seems appropriate, best scene Steve Martin ever did!

I had forgotten that Steve Martin played the sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors.

Thanks for the clip!

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I had the same procedure with my first wisdom tooth that did not even peek out before it became a problem,,,,,, on Christmas evening of course.
It was also pounded into submission and the remains extracted, and i was all set for new year evening, the 1 day every year where i do alcohol.

A year later i had the remaining wisdom tooth removed in 1 sitting, which i as always drove myself to and from, as Danes do not get the same painkiller levels Americans seem to get judging by internet videos ( pretty funny videos )

FF a decade and some and a Cyst had formed where one of the wisdom tooth’s used to be, this had to be tested and removed as it can be nasty, so i went to the hospital for that ( full public healthcare in Denmark )

The result was:

1. the “doctor” cut a nerve in my jaw and since then 10 years ago, the R half of my face have been partly numb and feel like the tingling sensation like when you have slept on a arm.
2: i was sent home with no antibiotics, so after a few days it had gone all septic, and i can assure all that infection do not taste or smell good, like taking a mouthful of a well blended septic tank i can imagine.

1A. There are no chance i can get any compensation from the budged up jaw job, it is virtually impossible for anyone working in the public realm to get nailed for doing something bad, even if doing just that seem to be the norm.

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sorry for your situation, sparkyDK.
i, too, have had some bad dental work, but it was minor and repairable.

regarding wisdom teeth, i had all four removed at our local university
which has a dental school that always needs “subjects” for final
training (final exams?). it is free, except for the anesthesiologist fees.
everything went well. one side swelled up but did not hurt. the other
side looked normal, but hurt for a week. pain pills do not really do
much for me, but Advil does. generic does not. Tylenol does not.
of course, procedures have probably improved since then,
and Advil is available in smaller capsules which
are much easier to swallow.