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Just a few abservations:

The 2 lumiled flashlights I modded were about .7 or .8A stock. Because of the reduced resistance of the xpg, they both now push over 2A and they are both completely different designs with stock drivers. Obviously not truly current regulated but most cheap drivers arent. Also, the stock MRV pushed 1.05A with the xre and now pushes 2.35A with the same driver on xpg. I think a 16mm star would work well in your 606, be pushed HARD and allow you to center it perfectly where the 20mm came out. You could remove the 606 reflector and place it temporarily over one of your other xpg powered lamps to test the beam pattern before hand. Just hold it in place with your hand, turn on the light and you'll know very quickly what to expect, or what shimming/trimming may be required. I suspect you would be very happy with this mod if all goes as Id hope. Of course these are only suggestions. IMO, The 606 sure is a fine light to not have in operation and appreciated.

I also had similar experiences with my SS C3 xpg mod here - from xrc, no driver swap and more amperage being pushed through the stock driver. Im very happy with all my xpg mods and they were so easy to accomplish. Without the xpg's they'd still be sitting in in a drawer or gifted to someone who wouldnt use them either. Another benefit is that most of my hosts have a superior build quality when compared to the same trashy models they are trying to sell today.

Anyways, its food for thought Don.



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That's useful to know - may just dig out the soldering iron and play. But I'd better finish the balance harness and holders for 6 18650. More to discharge them for storage since it then becomes easy to charge them up 6 at a time.


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.