UTorch UT02 Cree XHP35 HI short review

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UTorch UT02 Cree XHP35 HI short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator in lower left corner)

In this short article, I’m writing a little about the UTorch UT02 thrower flashlight.

Manufacturer: UTorch
Model: UT02
Emitter: Cree XHP35 HI
Luminous Flux:: 1300LM
Max Beam Intensity: 124000cd
Color temperature: 5000K (3D) or 6500K (1A)
Switch: single electronic switch
Battery: 18650 with adapter, or 26650 li-ion battery
Modes: 7 (low, medium 1, medium 2, high, turbo, strobe, SOS)
Rechargeable: Yes
Impact resistant: 1,5m
Waterproof: IPX-7

I do not think it’s a secret that this Manker U21 is a copy of another brand. This is a very good compact thrower with a medium-sized reflector and a new XHP35 HI LED.

It comes in a cardboard box that has an outer cover on it. There are some accessories in the box. In addition to the flashlight, there is a 26650 – 18650 battery adapter, an additional sealing ring, high quality wristband, USB – micro USB charging cable and User manual.

The control is easy using a single push button. With a flashlight turned off, one click can be turned on in low mode. With a short click, the brightness increases, medium 1 then medium 2, high and finally turbo mode. Click the series begins again. The flashing modes are hidden. Clicking twice on the button quickly, the flashing group is switched to the fixed frequency stroboscope. After a short click, it goes through the flashing position of the flashlight. The light in the button will then flash. Once again, the main LED is lit and the SOS blinking is activated.

Turn on hidden modes: This changes only the modes in the flashing group, the lighting modes do not change. With the flashlight turned off, press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Then flashing two, you are ready Smile Enter the flash mode. After the familiar 3 modes, another click is the location beacon mode is turned on. Another click and the blue light on the button is lit. Another click and activate turbo mode without heat protection, with continuous output. By clicking two in location beacon mode, the light goes out. Click again and start the lamp at low brightness. The low brightness can be adjusted by 21 clicks (between 15-100 lumens). The brightness is saved at long press. The lamp will then turn off.
Deactivating hidden modes is the same as activation.

It also has a built-in charge. Based on my test, the charging current is 1.78A, which is a very good result. The battery is not overcharged and is charged at 4.18V.

The large size and weight body dissipate heat developed nicely. It helps the integrated thermal protection. During the 15-minute test it was just getting lukewarm.

Measured currents:

The head and the body are glued, they can not be disassembled. The quality feeling is fine, the anodizing seems to be durable, of good quality.

Its size can be seen in the picture above compared to some of the more familiar flashlights.

Get the beamshot photos. First series, 100 meters away:

Another series, now 200 meters away. It does not matter, it lights up at such a distance.

I think this is a good compact thrower flashlight, even if it’s a copy. Its quality is OK, its knowledge is good and its price is excellent!
Can be purchased at a good price:
UTorch UT02 – NW
UTorch UT02 – CW

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