ROFIS TR10 short review

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ROFIS TR10 short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator in lower left corner)
In this short article I will show you the Rofis TR10 rotating head flashlight.

Brand: Rofis
Model: TR10
Emitter: CREE XPL-HI V3
Luminous Flux: 900LM
Max Beam Intensity: 4855cd
Color temperature: 6500-7000K
Switch: electronic
Battery: 16340 li-ion or CR123
Modes: 9 (moon, ultra low, low, mid, high, turbo, strobe, location beacon, SOS)
Impact resistant: 1,5m
Waterproof: IPX-8

Its packaging is a colorful box with a plastic panel that holds the flashlight. Unfortunately, there are not many accessories for the TR10, though it is a relatively expensive model. We get a wrist strap and two extra sealing rings. In addition to the user manual and the warranty card.

To operate it, we need a battery. It can be CR123 lithium battery or 16340 lithium-ion battery. Attention! This is a relatively high power consumption flashlight, so it is recommended to use a 16340 rechargeable battery with a high loadable IMR type! Using CR123, Turbo and High mode brightness are considerably lower than the 16340 battery’s maximum available!

There is a switch on the flashlight side. Long pressed for more than 1 second, the moonlight mode is switched on. Press and hold the button to increase the brightness. Ultra low, low, medium, high and turbo modes follow each other. It then starts the series again, but without the moonlight mode! Short click to switch off. It has a mode memory. If Off, the flashlight switches on the last used brightness by clicking a quick one.

With three quick clicks, turn on the flashing group. First is the variable frequency stroboscope. Pressing the button for 1 second and then release it to turn on location beacon mode. After another long press, the SOS flash will be switched on. A red blinking light is indicated by the button when the battery voltage drops to 2.6V. Of course, it also reduces the brightness when the battery is drained. You can also lock the button, for a lamp that has been switched off, press the button more than 3 seconds. To unlock the closing is done the same way.

Measured current consumption:
0,02A – moon
0,03A – ultra low
0,22A – low
0,76A – med
2,15A – high
2,82A – turbo

Let’s look at the light in the outdoor area. Unfortunately, during the test there was no IMR battery, so it was impossible to give the maximum of the ROFIS TR10.

The ROFIS TR10 is a flashlight with a very powerful driver. The quality is excellent, the modes are pleasantly spaced. The turbo mode gives crazy a lot of light compared to its size.

If we accept the higher price then we can have a very good and interesting flashlight. The technical solutions look good, the quality is fine, its light is not bad. Perfect for EDC use.
Can be purchased at a good price: