AWTACT Giveaway Round 1 (1/8) 5 Winners Posted! TM36 + U21vn + DD2R + S1 + M20 (Closed)

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AWTACT Giveaway Round 1 (1/8) 5 Winners Posted! TM36 + U21vn + DD2R + S1 + M20 (Closed)

Friends, here are the AWTACT Round 1 winners:

1 — Nitecore TM36 — post # 93 — Calaveras

2 — Utorch U21vn — post # 69 — severide

3 — Imalent DD2R — post # 82 — Joss

4 — Astrolux S1 — post # 102 — gisewhcs

5 — Acebeam M20 — post # 8 — Chatika vas Paus

( As stated in our rules, winners in any round are automatically ineligible in any succeeding round of my GAW. )

Winning members in the list above, please send to me via pm your shipping address.

Congratulations to the winners!

And to our non-winning members, stay tuned for the AWTACT Round 2 Giveaway.

July 19, 2018: This GAW is closed to new entries. Stay tuned for results.


Hello, this is Bruce from China, please check to know me.
I would like to go a giveaway for all BLF members, world-wide.

5 lights as prizes for this round. 8 rounds total.

One round will last for 7 days, This Round 1 will start now and end on July 19, 2018. then the next round will start perhaps with a day or two, as Round 2.

The process repeats itself until the completion of 8 rounds.

In order to give everyone a chance, all previous winners in ANY ROUND are no longer qualified to join.

The Round One prizes are:

1. Nitecore TM36 (the winner gets to pay actual shipping for this light, sorry)
2. Manker U21vn
3. Imalent DD2R
4. Astrolux S1
5. Acebeam M20

Remember, these lights are from my collection, perhaps 95% condition, perhaps some nicks and ticks here and there, some with original boxes, etc. BUT, they are free!


1. Just post “I’m in” and you are in. You may post additional comments, photo, etc. to make this gaw merrier!
2. Only one post per member. Let us be fair to everyone.
3. Please no duplicate entries, no second account.
4. Lights will be sent pre-paid by me. (unless otherwise specified)
5. This Round 1 will start now and end on July 19, 2018.
6. I will use to determine the winners.
7. This is my gaw, so my rules will always prevail, and rules subject to change without notice, as deemed necessary by me.

Good luck!

Flashaholic from China

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I’m IN, thanx.

Beam me up!

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I am IN Bruce Wink
Thanks for your GAW! And that many ideas come to your mind to start the AWTACT company Party

EDIT: Bruce, I am just editing this to say that from now on you should call your Giveaways => “G’AWTACT !!! Super name Cool

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I’m in! Thanks!



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I’m in Bruce, thank you for doing this generous giveway.
You know how to make a splash. Wink

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I’m in!

Thank youuuuu!

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I have all the flashlights I need, but not as many as I want...


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Whoooaaaa…superb prizes…please count me in too!

Chatika vas Paus
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I’m in! Thanks for this Bruce.

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I’m in.

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I am in!
Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

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I’m in. Thank you very much.

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I’m in

Thanls !!!

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Thanks, Bruce. I'm in.

I like all of these flashlights, and I am blown away by a couple of them. Very nice stuff.

If I win #1 or #3 (i.e., the Nitecore TM36 or the Imalent DD2R), please pass over me, and give them to the next person in line. I am afraid if I had them, they would become shelf queens.

Good luck with your new flashlight enterprise!

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I’m in, thanks!

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I’m in!


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I’m in.

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Now that’s how one introduce himself to BLF !
The Nitecore alone is already worth hundreds bucks, that’s so generous of you !
I’ll follow your new-to-come business and will surely end in buying your first model, so best luck for this !
I’m IN, obviously !

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I’m in. Thanks!

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I’m in!

What a giveaway!

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I’m in! Thanks for the giveaway, that’s a great collection you’ve got. If these are the lights you give away, I’m curious to know which ones are keepers!

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i’m in
thank you

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I’m in , awesome giveaway !!!

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I’m in. Thank you! Smile

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Thanks for the giveaway, AWTACT!

If I win something that takes more than one Li-Ion cell, pass over me.

I'm in!

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I’m in

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I'm in! Thanks for the giveaway!

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I’m in thank you.

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Thank you for the GAW! Count me in!

Oops! I’m in.

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Im in
Lets get it on!

FL Newbie

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Thank you for the giveaway! I’m in!

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I’m in!

Thanks, AWTACT! Good luck to all! Big Smile