Review: Fenix PD35 V2

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Review: Fenix PD35 V2

In last half of year fenix issued 2nd versions of some models. I`ve tested some of them – UC30\UC35 and now I got PD35

You can buy Fenix PR35 V2 at:
NITETORCH they generously offered 20% code HJK5KDNQ valid for all the items in store, including other brands


Standart Fenix box that all of you have already seen and met. Good design, good print and cardboard. I like that Fenix started adding runtime chart at the rear side of package. That is way better than regular “2.5 hour in turbo” without mentioning stepdown.

Set includes all the regular parts besides battery: flashlight, lanyard, spare o-rings + rubber button, holster, manual\warranty card.

Holster is good, nothing superb, just simple good holster.

PD35 has typically EDC design and size, accurate solid body.

You can definitely see close relative bonds between UC30\35 and this one, differences are minor.

Flashlight definitely is on the upper limit of EDC size, it is significantly longer than S2+, 138×25×25.4mm in some case may be a big number for pocket light, but in hand this length is OK.

Grip is good, for hand such length is comfortable, but i`m not sure about the same for pocket.

Tail is U-shaped, no tailstand as button is too long for that. Though, I don’t think any user of this light will need tailstand. Tailcap knurling is quite catchy, so it is easy to take tailcap off even with gloves on..

Spring there is thick, threads are well lubricated. They seems to be dry here at pic, but in reality they are ok.

Knurling – good old rhombic at middle of body and some lines at tail.

There is no spring at head, but contact plate instead. I don’t like this, though understand why manufacturer keeps on following this decision. BTW, 1st versions of UC30\35\PD35 had springs there.

Size of cooling fins are exactly what you can expect from such flashlight. They are not that big, but you cannot do anything other here.

I like button, which looks and feels good. Metal is stated “anodizing SS”, with eye of indicator LED in the centre.
Button is clicky, little bit higher than flashlight body, so normally that would raise question about lock-in\out. But as there is tailbutton, we can consider this problem solved.

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Glass is AR\toughened.

As it is usually with Fenix with such models, you have no access to head. That is no problem as you have warranty and people, who want customize flashlight, would pick other light.

Bezel is smooth, so is reflector, with XPL-HI at the bottom.

I`ve got no compaints about built quality and\or appearance. There is no haute couture flashlight design decoration, design is modest. But it says that this is brand thing, not no-name stuff.

100% the same as wit
h UC35 V2. Simple 2 button ui

As usually. Simple UI for simple needs. It has it`s PROs and CONs.
Tailcap – ON\OFF
Sidebutton – eco\low\mid\high\turbo with clicks.
No access to turbo\eco, but keeping sidebutton pressed activates strobe, that is the only reference to being tactic.


No PWM-shimmering at any mode. 6000K

Well, before difference between UC35 and PD35 was only in some knurling and lack of micro-usb charge – the rest was the same. So is light. It is absolutely the same (only ECO is 3 vs 5 lums)
Amperage is the same (with the difference for LOW) 0.01-0.11-0.32-0,9-2,5A

And examples below.
I suppose this flashlight is intended for those, who needs more throw than sidelight. But, still, UC35V2 is ok for close-range use.
175m is not that distance that such flashlight is good at. But, still, in turbo, UC35V2 shows good throw. For pocket light with small reflector it is significantly good.

It performes well at intermediate distance of 50-70m, though only in High and Turbo, MID also gives some light, which is good for such distance.

And here is typical EDC distance, 10-15m

Thermal regulation is aggressive with no cooling turbo , that results in “sawteeth”, for example UC30V2 has better one. With cooling it is way more smooth, you simply may not see these 5%. But, still, turbo is turbo, it is supposed to be used in short time. So that may not be serious trouble if you use it for 1-3 minutes (and outdoor even may not witness this zigzag). All the rest modes are well stabilized, runtime is good as well. 3 hours in turbo – decent time! I`d pick mid for indoor use, and in this mode user get 10 hours of stabilized light.


Though PD35 is simple and reliable light for most of common needs, it is the same as other stuff like UC30\35.
So in reality that is just one model in 3 faces, with and without tailbutton and micro-usb charge feature. User can precisely pick flashlight for certain need.
Again, I don’t see any tactical features here, that is 100% EDC light, with only more throw that most of other EDC have. Tailbutton and instant strobe are good, yes, but that is still EDC light.

Simple UI (+\-)
Good build quality
No visible PWM-shimmering
Light has good throw for such compact reflector.
Good stabilization

Doesn’t support flat-top batteries
No NW version
No direct access to ECO\TURBO
I`d like to see it 10-15mm shorter.
Saw teeth in TURBO

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There is no spring at head, but contact plate instead.
Doesn’t support flat-top batteries

Damn, that’s unfortunate that they switched to this style. That’s definitely something that I’ve been bashing Nitecore about with the whole physical reverse polarity protection and only being capable with button-top batteries.

I honestly dislike the 2nd product page image where they’re comparing the latest version vs the version they made 4 years ago. You’d think they’d show it compared to the latest/previous version. But they probably didn’t just to make it seem like it’s an even more improvement than it really is. Marketing tactics…

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Loving this PD35 V 2.0. Much better than older version.

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Fenix are great lights and reliable, however, not giving the option for NW, no direct access to any mode from Off and requiring button top cells… it’s opposite to what we flashlight entusiasts expect from a new flashlight