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I have the same problem with my klarus g20. Never bothered to deal with it because I always had a super headache when dealing with gear best and bang good for defects. But mine wouldn’t shut off. It would just do the step down from turbo.

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U D A T E as of 17-08-218

Today I received a headpart replacement from Klarus. Flashlight is working normal now.

It still is a little sad they send me a part with scratches on it, to me it seems to be a refurbished part.

But, in the end I got my replacement and flashlight is working again.

I also got a 50% refund from Aliexpress, so in the end I am satisfied with the result of my actions.

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thanks for update,

to me that seems not acceptable to get a scratched head- like u said seems a refurbished so somuch for trying fix customers broken light.. i will never buy a klarus light if thats how they treat customers..

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