Alternatives to Samsung 30Q

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Alternatives to Samsung 30Q


the only high drain batteries I ever used are 30Q’s by Samsung. I wonder if there are any noticeable benefits, if for example I would switch to VTC6 by Sony or the HG2 by LG? These are supposed to have even higher discharge current levels.

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I’m no expert but they are in the same ball park as i understand. Unless you are looking for the ultimate high drain cell as of right now, those are good to go, especially when you can get a good price on a four or height pack.

One that seems to stand out is the Sony VTC5A, but it is somewhat harder to source.

See HKJ comparator for 18650 cells:

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I use the Sony VTC6, as well as the Samsung 30Q. The VTC6 are slightly better cells. Their internal resistance is lower, and they have a bit less voltage sag. They also have about 4% more energy. But, overall, they’re very similar to the 30Q, and you’d probably not notice any difference.

I also like the Sanyo GA cells. They’re 3500mAh cells, though not as high drain. 10 amps max, compared to 15 amps for the 30Q. Unless you have a light that requires high-drain, the GA cells will run your lights noticeably longer. It’s great for any single-emitter 1×18650 light.

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Thanks for the explanation. I run my Astrolux C8 with one 30Q, but I am not really sure if 15 Amps are needed. Would actually prefer the GA Sanyo for longer runtime, if the output would be the same as with 30Q. And also, are these Sanyos protected or non protected – does the manufacturer rate them as high drain already with those 10 Amps?

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The GA can be had in a protected cell. See LiionWholesale .

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My preference would be VTC5D[Vapcell rewrap],VTC5A, 30Q,VTC6 and LGHG2.In that order.

For the ones you mentioned I would choose 30Q. I have had personal experience w/ VTC6 and LGHG2 degrading at a higher rate than 30Q.

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