[WTS] Canadians Only - ZebraLight H53c - $75 CAD

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[WTS] Canadians Only - ZebraLight H53c - $75 CAD

ZebraLight Listing: http://www.zebralight.com/H53c-AA-Headlamp-Neutral-White-High-CRI_p_194.html

The total cost to order a new one from ZebraLight directly would be 59 + 15 USD (shipping) which translates to 96 CAD.


Great: only flaws are a few scratches around the body (from my dumb mistake of trying to put a pocket clip on the middle), and a bit of light leaks through the rubber switch on higher modes (lack of pigment in the rubber, I e-mailed ZebraLight about it and they said it is not a serious defect). I have not dropped the light on any hard surface. Everything works perfectly.

Notice the light scratching around sides and bigger scratch at front center (exaggerated in photo, not as bad IRL): https://imgur.com/gallery/r3PInTQ

Leakage light through switch (not as bad IRL): https://i.imgur.com/hSYHP8H.jpg


Headband with top strap and black silicon mount, pocket clip, 2 spare o-rings.

If you want, I can add a NiMH Eneloop Pro or 2 L91 Lithium Primaries and some diffusion film (DC-fix) for the lens. The flashlight has some DC-fix on it already which can be easily removed and leaves no residue.

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