Flashlight finishes. Wear and tear, and general discussion

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Flashlight finishes. Wear and tear, and general discussion

Hi just wondering what to expect out of the finish on some of the lights discussed here. I got a blf a6 (bought on eBay from a US seller) and have another a6 on the way. After relatively light use the finish is starting to chip at the bezel and at the tailcap. I was under the impression that anodizing rubs off over time rather then chipping like paint. Thought maybe this might mean I got a knock off or something. Or perhaps the finish varies between different production runs. Or maybe it’s perfectly normal and to be expected.
It’s an edc light at a great price so I’m not complaining or anything. Just curious what others experienced in regard to the finishes.

Also how’s the finish on the convoys? I got a couple S2+‘s on the way and wondering what to expect. Bought some smooth reflectors and a metal tailcap to start tinkering. Gigidy gigidy!!!:)

So I’m curious in general about the finishes found on the lights discussed in the forum. I read about a clear anodising which sounds super slick too. I’m dying for a convoy in every color as well.

So yes, flashlight finishes/coatings. Let’s all learn something we didn’t know!


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Not sure how my use compares to others on here, but I am a part-time guide working for a company that gives four wheel drive tours of the California portion of the Sonoran Desert. The flashlight I carry in a nylon / cordura belt sheath is subject to over 100 degree temperatures and to sand entering the sheath on every trip (tours are in exposed 4×4’s that don’t have doors, windows, or air conditioning). I’ve been carrying a grey S2+ since last November. It has picked up several scratches and the grey has worn through on the front of the light, but that’s to be expected given that it’s stored in a sandy sheath. All in all I’d say the grey Convoy color is pretty durable.

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jch10400 wrote:
All in all I’d say the grey Convoy color is pretty durable.

I tend to agree! I have some in black, Desert Tan (or “Sandy”) and grey/blue.
All have excellent anodizing and are tough as should be! I am planing to get some more for mods Evil [except for 1 S2+ with Nichia UV, and 1 Desert Tan, that I wanted for a mod), all the other were bought directly with Simon from Convoy Flashlight Store in AliExpress]

I can’t tell about the BLF A6, but you can show some images to perceive if those are “normal” things or not so normal!

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Check out this thread Photos of workhorses and worn, dirty, or patinated lights

My experience is having a Sofirn SP10B for about two months and carrying it in my pocket, the outer edge of the bezel is already worn through the anodizing. The rest of the light looks good but I understand the use of stainless bezels for pocket lights.

Edit: And I remembered this recent thread too Patina: Forced or Natural? Commercial or MacGyver Style?

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I gotta confess that I “baby” my lights, keep them in their boxes when not in use, except for those dozen or so in regular rotation (nighttable light, tailstanding “nightlight”, “Wotnahell’s making that noise out back??” light, etc.).

My EDCs I always kept holstered, but recently have been pocketing them, so maybe only now some’ll get some “exposure” to other hard surfaces.

The only light that looked like Hell was my bobofett light, so named because it looked like bobofett’s helmet. 3buk AA light from Microstore, painted vs ano, kept in my rock-tumbler of a pocket along with loose change, some keys, etc., for a looong time.

Bobo recently died (switch crapped out), so it’s in pieces waiting parts-transplant in whatever projects might come along. Still, it wore well.

All my others, you’d swear I just took ‘em outta the box brand new.

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