LD-29 2.8A 1 or 2 Cell Driver Programming

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LD-29 2.8A 1 or 2 Cell Driver Programming

I use the above driver with a Cree XM-L U4 LED to ride at night on my mountain bike. I took the driver out of a $6 ebay light and replaced it with the LD-29 and installed a bare XM-L U4, it works great!! If you do the math I am somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 lumens, if I did the math correctly.
Because the driver has 3 modes, no memory and always starts on low I would plug it in, then have to unplug it twice to get to high, a pain in the butt.
So to remedy that I installed a $9 switch, always on, momentary off to be able to cycle through the 3 modes but now it is not water proof and looks stupid.

Can anyone program the LD-29 or tell me how to program one?
I would like the driver to have 1 mode 100%, nothing else, this would allow me to get rid of the switch.


Ebay light; (Not the exact one but close enough)

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From wights thread the mcu is a PIC12F683. Looks like if you run a small wire from VCC to pin 3 and another from VCC to pin 5 you would have just high. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/32648