Review: Lumintop ODL20C

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Review: Lumintop ODL20C

Not a long time ago Lumintop announced unusual for them product full of promising features: 26650,type-C,184500kCd. I wasn’t happy with their old full-size model (though always adored small stuff, they were damn good in them) until release of HL28 and ODF30. So, well (spoiler), Lumintop ODL20C is unexpectably good. Seriously.

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Cree XHP 35 HI LED Powered by one 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery Humanized breathing light inside the switch, indicates the light location in the dark Durable USB Type-C charging with 2A max charging current, 3 hours to fully charged a 5000mAh Li-ion battery, fast and convenience Red and blue charging indicator visually shows the charging conditions Size: 151*59*35mm, Net weight: 300g (excluding battery) One side switch operation within one hand control Lock-out function prevents accidental activation Enhance cooling fins ensure a comfortable holding Low voltage indicator reminds to change or charge the battery in time Flat tail cap with tail standing ability to serve as a candle Toughened and ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish on the surface Waterproof to IPX-8 standard, 2 meters underwater (ensure the waterproof cover is in sealed condition) 5 years free repair, limited lifetime warranty


If you`ve seen any Lumintop box, man, you`ve seen`em all. What it lacks in design decoration, motley pics and UV-prints, it gets in solidness. You can dance on this thick cardboard box and it will be in the same condition. Most reliable line of flashlight boxes that i`ve met. But you`d better prepare gift wrap if wanna bring new flashlight to B-day for someone).

Set is mostly usual, lacking only holster. Flashlight, battery (may be included or not, you pick variant), lanyard, manual, Type-C cable.

And here is flashlight itself. It is the same size as other well known similar light, UT02 ( Manker 21 clone). BTW, other well known thing – blue liitokala 26650 battery gets inside through body, 0.5mm difference are significant in this case.

And as size (147.5х59х35mm, 300g) they are alike, exterior of ODL20C is far away ahead. Big squares of knurling inside ovoid contours remid me of something MezoAmerican and Predator movies at the same time. I definitely like design of this flashlight.

And as this squares are huge, they add a lot to firm grip.

Some concave in tailcap doesn’t influence good tailstand ability (if someone wants to use ODL20C as a candle, what I don’t believe in).

Thick in tailcap is thick.

Threads at both sides are perfectly lubricated. Tail side has red sticker, so user will always position this mid part correctly.

There is a spring-loaded contact plate at head. Last one is massive (but proportional to overall size, not excessively) and have deep and numeral cooling fins.

Metal round of button sticks out about 1-2 mm from body.

Of course, button is indication. Red-Blue in charging mode, violet in “breath” mode

There is a Type-C charge plug at rear side. Rubber plug is thick and ODL20C survived jar-deep diving session with no water got under this plug.

Reflector is SMO, of course. Bezel seems to be glued, I couldn’t manage to unscrew it. Glass is AR-coated, thoughened, as ususally.

XHP35 HI at the bottom.

Well, that`s it. Design please my eyes, i`m glad no understand that Lumintop took care about it, 1 year ago you`d ve seen a way more boring appearance.


I like LOW from lock-in, feature that Lumintop uses in recent models. Here you can use it for making some signals without blinding people around.

Yeah, chances are big that in backpack button may be pressed and ODL20C will unlock, but in this case carrying it with tailcap slightly unscrewed is logical choice. In holster or pocket lock-in \ out mode will work as is.

Overall, I like UI. It fully lays within UI concept that Lumintop uses now, and, yeah, I like this concept. It is so much user friendlier than boring UI of previous models.


6000K, no PWM-shimmering at any mode.

Light distribution is expectable for such flashlight. Here is comparison with UT02 and С8+ on their highest modes

I was surprised to behold such vivid difference between ODL20C and others. I expected way less.

Charge amperage surprises again, is really 2А and, yeah, Type-C! that still is so seldom among flashlights. 3 hours and Lumintop ODL20C is fully charged.

Other amperages.
Drain – 0.05мА
eco – 0.021А \ low – 0.22А \ mid – 0.89А \ high – 3.7А\

I couldn’t measure turbo as wires are weaks .
What about performance, ODL20C demonstrates excellent throw for 60$ light. Again, those who haven’t dealt with new Lumintop stuff may expect some old-fashioned XM-L2 stuff with expectable throw on the level of Convoy L2.

In reality, ODL20C is really, really good. It illuminates everything at 200 m range, providing with bright hotspot. And it can work at longer range, where you can only tell T Rex from school bus with naked eye.

Yeah, there are 3-4 serial flashlights that have better throw, but they are way more expensive, like two times.

One more surprise are runtime charts, that show good stabilization and thermal regulation.
In windy \ cold weather you may not face stepdown at all. As set of modes is good, you can get 12 hours of fully functional (for simple needs) brightness. ODL20C has trigger set at 55degrees celcium, above this temperature stepdown activates.


Totally positive impresston.

With quite modest and reasonable price tag Lumintop released definetely interesting model. If you want good compact (well. Not compact compact, just compact, thing that you can fit in pocket of your jacket) thrower, I strongly believe that Lumintop ODL20C is best deal on the market now.

+ appearance
+ lacks of visible defects in build quality. + UI
+ throw
+ set of modes
+ Type-C and 2А
+ stabilization and thermal regulation.
+ price

- no NW version
- adding holster would be good

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Excellent review, comparisons and beam shots! Thank you!



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Thanks for the review.

By the way, your last image looks like this on my computer:

EDIT:  Nevermind, you fixed it.

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thanx. that is a wrong pic, two takes of turbo_cooling

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