eBay's SpeedPAK shipping

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eBay's SpeedPAK shipping

While I usually order from an Aliexpress vendor, or one like Banggood and have generally had good experiences doing so, for a recent order, I decided to try something different, from an eBay vendor that offered SpeedPAK shipping, which offered better pricing and theoretically faster shipping.

Since it’s relatively new, I did some research first, and found an article that made it out to be eBay’s attempt at a version of ePacket, with speedier delivery and full tracking, but in experience, that is not the case.

In reality, it seems more like regular air mail, and like regular mail, tracking ceases once the package departs from Asia.

I’m still waiting for the package to arrive, and it’s still within the promised delivery window, but I posted this so that it would be a part of the search record.

Don’t expect SpeedPAK to be equivalent to ePacket.

Additionally, also be aware that SP is a service that can be subcontracted out to another carrier, in this case, Flyt Express, which then subbed the package to Thai Post and routed it through Bangkok before sending it to the U.S. I understand that happens with some shipping methods, but it’s not something I’m accustomed to, because I try stick to the shipping options handled solely by China Post.

I ordered four items in July, and the distinctions became clear.

Order #1 from end of first week of July arrived via ePacket in 16 calendar days.

Order #3 from third week of July arrived via CP Small Packet+ in 16 calendar days.

Order #2 also from end of first week, the SpeekPAK order, is still in transit.

Order #4 from third week, was sent Yanwen Economic Mail by the AX seller, even though I specified and paid for CPSP+. That will be reflect in my feedback, but this one is another topic.

Just some data points for anyone considering anything but ePacket or CPSP+, which have always been reliable for me, despite the lack of full tracking on the latter.

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Thank you for sharing this information, I have seen the mentioned shipping method before and always wondered what it was.

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Thanks for the info.

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duramax wrote:
Thank you for sharing this information, I have seen the mentioned shipping method before and always wondered what it was.