Cheap single 18650 charger around $5

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Cheap single 18650 charger around $5

What is the recommended cheap budget charger now? I received 5 faulty ones from Manafont and I'm looking for a alternative.

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I had good results with my Trustfire TR-002 before I gave it away with a flashlight for a friend...

It's a universal charger and not 18650-only and is a little more expensive @ $7.80 but mine had no problems. The only issue is MF doesn't sell this model...

I'll also add that I have two of the $5 chargers that have had issues recently and both of mine work properly. One is a couple of months old from MF and works great and the second is the one from the DD 502b discount buy combo pack, and it also works properly with no <POOF>ing. Maybe just a bad lot from the factory... I would give them a second chance for a future purchase since I know MF will take care of me if I get another dud.

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