[Review] Olight I3T

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[Review] Olight I3T

So, I got this little light from Olight few days ago for free.

Let’s start with a few pics, shall we ?

The I3T is a simple two-modes tail-clicky AAA EDC flashlight.

The UI is quite simple, it’s FORWARD clicky with Low and High mode.
When you first half click, you get the Low mode (5 lumens) and if you keep pushing the button until click you lock it on Low mode.
If you want the High mode (180 lumens), you have to half press twice, and then lock it by pressing it further.

The rubber button is quite unusual, and is made like the M1T or M2T one. It’s solid plastic, expect for the top which is rubber with small pimps. It helps with gripping on your thumb tip and the switch is much sturdier than a standard rubber boot. It feels more precise in fact.

The pocket clip is firmly held in place in a large groove and allows two orientation, both for pocket use and clipped on a hat visor for example.

The LED is a Luxeon TX and is a cold white. It sits under a TIR optic for a smooth beam. There is a defined large hotspot with some spill.

The Low mode is all you need for small task indoor, and the High mode is quite powerful given the size and battery source.
However, I wish there was a Medium mode with maybe 30 lumens.

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Great review, thanks. Never had an Olight so it is good to see an alternative light compared to my Convoys and Thorfire.