Review: Spark ST6 460NW

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Review: Spark ST6 460NW

Spark ST6 460 NW




Battery:  18650/ 2x16340,2xcr123a
Switch:  Digital push button
Modes:  lo mid1 mid2 hi           turbo(double click)
LED Type:  Neutral XML T5
Lens:  glass with diffuser included
Tailstands:  side stands
Price Payed:  $80
Date Ordered: 12/2



Aggressive knurling on end caps

Cooling fins by head

Natural grey finish HAIII

Unpolarized battery insertion

Nice fully adjustable headstrap



Dry threads on lens cap

Lo not low enough for me, more personal preference


         Super:  460lm/1.4hours   *   Max:    300lm/2.5hours  *   Med1:  140lm/8hours   *   Med2:   45lm/28hours   *   Low:     8lm/8days

       I purchased this headlight after the black friday sales from several online stores. I had emailed Jason from SBflashlights about getting this light and the latest Xtar Wp2II model. Ordered it on friday and arrived by monday via priority mail. It came in a nice black box with ample padding. It included the usual orings,headstrap,diffuser and Jason was nice enough to include the newly available stainless pocket clip. I believe they are $2.99 at his store.



       Knurling on the endcap was grippy and threads came well lubed except where the lens cap is where it was dry. The battery can be inserted + or - first. either way does'nt matter. Both ends have springs and found that even shorter 18500s work no problem. Turning the cap quarter turn loose lock out the light. Pushing the button cycles thru the 4 modes and releasing it keeps it on that mode with memory of last used mode. Double clicking the button from any mode turns on turbo or super mode for 5 minutes then drops down to high. The button is recessed to prevent accidentally turning on the light. This is my first neutral white light and the first time i turned it on, it looked really yellow to me. The light manages heat quite well and does not get very hot.


       ST6 on left and SC600 right both on mid on yellow wall maybe not the best background color. I have been using the xeno eo3 xml as my headlight for work and just was'nt happy with the short runtime on 14500s. The headstrap is fully adjustable and stays on comfortably. The neutral color does bring out the natural colors of the surrounding outside.


        Really close resemblance to the ZL sc600. Are they related? Overall im happy with this light and will get much use this winter as darkness starts around 4pm in the midwest. The diffuser works nicely at evenly spreading the light coming out the front. The reflector which has a light orange peel surface, can also be taken out for even beam with no hotspot.



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I have one I love it! I will try the reflector removal for less hotspot as you mentioned!

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Looks like a very useful light. Thanks a lot for the review!

Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

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Great review, thanks for sharing. I really like the headlamp.

I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

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I have the 500CW for a couple of months.

Very nice headlamp that I use every day.

The 500CW tint is not soo cool white compared to my other T6 flashlights.

So I think the NW version is a little bit too yellow for me.

O yes, nice reviewWink

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Nice review. I have a ST6-280OW that I've had for about 9 months now and I really like it, very well built, good headband and really nice tint. But yesterday when I used it for running the hotspot became a bit to "bouncy" so today I added some matte scotch tape (like a diffuser lens) which made wonders for the beam. I wish I had the real lens like you do.

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Thanks for the review.

The only concern I have is how well the headband and rubber mount will stand up to use.

I do not see replacements available and the light won't be of much use without them.



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Just wanted to thank you for the great review. I'm getting one of these very soon.


~ Zeroed4x


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You're welcome! Thanks. Im sure youll love this light. ive been using the clip daily and find it to be very useful. don't get as much funny looks from people with that headband on. not sure if other dealers carry the clip but i got mine from sbflashlights.



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I have the CW version. Found the tint quite greenish on the lower modes n The tint on my H600W abit too warm.I change the 16mm led on the ST500 to XML t6 3C.nice tint now.though it is T shape I found it easy for handheld operation.
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Great review. I have a ST6-460NW and used it for over a year strait. No problems with the headband exept the material stretching. The rubber holder is very much intact till today! I use the included frosted lense on it. I like Spark Headlamps but wish they had a lower levels around 1-.05 lumens. The lowest setting is pretty bright when my eyes are adjusted to darkness. Build is excellent. Zebralight is still my favorite but spark is pretty close.