LSON Fingertip oxi-pulse meter ( Review )

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LSON Fingertip oxi-pulse meter ( Review )

Sent for review by: Gearbest

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First , time for a story : This be a true tale . Recently my mother went into hospital for blood clots in the lungs . Quite frankly it was nearly fatal . Let me explain , for a few months my mothers health and mobility began to slide . Now my mother can be stubborn and she refused to go to the doctor as her regular doctor was on holidays and she had an appointment with a specialist a few weeks on . One day my mother took a marked turn for the worse and I told my brother that if she did not go to hospital she would probably die , so we called in a home visit doctor ( since my mother refused to go see a doctor ) . Anyhow the home visit doctor confirmed things were dire and called the ambulance . At first it was suspected that my mothers heart was failing but after some testing it was diagnosed as blood clots in the lungs ( From her legs ) . Anyhow blood clots are bad , because if they go to the wrong place it could be almost instant death !

What the blood clots in the lungs were doing was blocking / restricting oxygen – blood flow . And the symptoms are a lot like a failing heart . So this brings us to the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter , nope we didn’t have one at the time . In no way shape or form am I suggesting that this product replaces visiting a doctor , but what I might suggest is that the pulse oximeter might re-enforce the need to visit a doctor . Think of it like checking the oil in your car ( you do check the oil in your car ? ) , it is simply another tool to be used correctly for detecting any possible problems . And a sure sign of problems is if you don’t get enough oxygen into your blood stream .

Now if we had one of these ( oxi / pulse meters ) a few months ago , we might have been able to detect the lower oxygen levels in my mothers blood and had her under medical supervision before the situation became life or death . So many people wait till they are nearly dead to get medical attention , what the hell is with that ? I can only guess people really hate going to the doctor , enough so to rather die !

Using the oximeter :

The actual use of the oximeter is relatively simple . Open the jaws much like you would open a clothes peg and push your finger inside and close the oximeter on your finger . A single press of the single button will turn on the oximeter , you have about 10 seconds to do something like put the oximeter on your finger or orientate the display or enter the menu or the oximeter turns off .

1) A single press of the button with the oximeter on will turn the display 90 degrees .
2) Press and hold the button with the oximeter on and you enter the menu . A single press will allow you to scroll through the menu and to exit press and hold @ exit .
3) TO change a value in the menu , press and hold .

I did take the oximeter for a walk , I put it on my finger and then went for my regular walk and monitored my heart rate and oxygen as I went . It was interesting to be sure . My oxygen levels were relatively stable as was my heart rate until about the half way mark . My hear rate went up about 5 BPm and stayed there for the remainder of my walk . The half way mark is where I usually start to feel the walk so watching my beats per minute seemed to confirm that the half way point was where some fatigue or strain came into play .

The oximeter is really good for monitoring your cardiovascular fitness . A lot of people run out of steam because they can’t maintain oxygen levels in their blood and as a result suffer loss of energy and fatigue . Like my mother it could be some lung related issue , or quite possibly a heart related issue or quite possibly incredibly bad health ( couch potato ) . So what we have is a relatively cheap tool for monitoring cardio health and what could quite possibly be a early warning system to get your proverbial ass to the doctor before you need an ambulance .

I did check the Pulse rate against a clock and it was spot on , but I have no way of checking the oxygen levels . Some important stuff : The oximeter is capable of lying to you and to avoid that the meter needs to be on your finger correctly ! I found I had to push my finger in all the way and wiggle it a little so that the sensor that takes the readings was happy . With the finger in properly and the sensor happy I found the oximeter ( Pulse rate ) to be accurate and the reading stable . I would rate the oximeter a must have item if you care about your health or the health of your family members . Visit GB and check out their oximeters , they just might save the life of some one you care about . ( More oximeters )

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