Marker Lights - the know-all discussion

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Marker Lights - the know-all discussion

I would like interest in starting this thread since we have keychain lights, long range lights, flood lights and EDC but i have not seen a MARKER section. An example would be Nextorch Glo-toob.

Hope we can start a good discussion thread on the types of Markers and specialised usage (e.g. hiking, diving etc)

for Marker lights, I think they should have the following abilities:

a) super long runtimes – 72 hours
b) crush or drop proof
c) 4 modes – low (1 lum), high (100 lum), blink (similar to camera flash effect) and SOS
d) IP ratings of 68
e) 2 tritium tubes and 2 glow tubes (if batt dies)
f) lightweight (ti or alum) or indestructible polycarbonate

please add on and carry on this discussion to the next level:0)