Looking for 21700 Charger

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Looking for 21700 Charger

My BT-C3100 hardly accepts 21700 let alone protected 20700 and protected 21700.
Do you guys have any recommendable XTAR or MIBOXER charger for these pretty long batteries?

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Have a look at the Miboxer C8. HKJ has just done a review.

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My XTAR VC2 lists them both.
and my LiitoKala Lii-202 lists the 20700

The XTAR VC4 does not list either.
Older model I think. pre 20700.
I only use 18650 and 26650 Batts. with half a doz, Ni-Cad AA’s .
Not interested in latest novel items.
26650 fits in hand better and extra weight feels good I reckon.

I Tend to prefer the heavier. MORE robust items. over lightweight flimsy ones.