Review: Imalent RT70

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Review: Imalent RT70

Fasttech provided me with this flashlight for review. Here is product page at this store.
here is set with batteries

here is video version of this review:


Utilizes one American XHP70 2nd generation LED.
Exquisite,powerful,long throw.
Maximun output up to 5500lumens.
Built-in intelligent temperture control module can automatically adjust the brightness output.Keep using camfortably.
Built-in magnetic charging.
Reflector diameter: 81mm
Head diameter: 86mm
Tube diameter: 51mm
Working voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Beam range: 903 meters

Just a couple of years ago flashlight with such functionality and price tag would be absolute bestseller (I seriously believe). Though max output has significantly increased since then, turbo of RT70 is still really, really bright. And with this combination of XHP 70.2 and such large SMO reflector, Imalent RT70 is definitely unusual stuff, that deserves looking at. And, lets do it.

The same cardboard box that used for DX80. No serious design, but still gives impression of expensive and brand light.

Inside, carefully packed: flashlight, lanyard, charge cable, holster, manual

Holster is huge, as RT70 is. Overall, good holster.

So, here is flashlight itself.

Flashlight is big. Not BIG like GT or DX80, but definetly bigger than other 4×18650 things, can-sized flooders. It is alike TN42. So, only holster. I don’t know how big you should be to comfortably fit RT70 in pocket. Nevertheless, Imalent RT70 is well balanced and holding it is not painful, like it may be with 4×18650 version of GT. Still, I suppose that manufacturer may construct shoulder strap mount here, that`d be awesome for long-time use. But even as is , user can place part of shoulder strap through cooling fins. And closer look.

Tail is flat, so if you find something semi-transparent and wide, you can construct very bright camp light.
There are a lot of laces for lanyard. This is simple paracord noose. Good idea for survival needs, but uncomfortable for real use. So, prepare to get more soft and wide lanyard (I have tons and bet user of RT70 does as well)

Springs are thick and short. Just unscrew tailcap about 45 degrees to lock flashlight.

There are some part of mm extra space at each battery compartment to fit little bit thicker battery. Heard that keeppower are like this.
And…what `bout batteries, situation is not that good. Yeah, manufacturer wanted best for user, to maximize contact. Unfortunately that resulted in “button-top only” flashlight. As for me, I had to order 4xVTC6 from Yeah, if you want you can pay 60% extra price and get 4 Imalent batteries included. Glad for you, if that is financially affordable for you. Here in Russia, that is equal to one-week portion of vodka for both my wife, bear and KGB supervisor officer. I didn’t wanted them to stay sober, so got 4xVTC6 instead.

of course, if you have some engineer buddy (or you are that guy yourself) you can craft button top from flat-tops with special soldering tool for price of “grab this beer, shut up and start soldering”. As far as I know, local guys do this device from part of microwave owen.

Another commonly used variant with placing magnet in the centre is DANGEROUS. Magnet can get off center and cause shortage. I seriously recommend not to experiment with this, unless you can grow hands back.
I definitely would like to see good old “tail and head spring” version here.
So, I unscrewed this contact plate and here is what I`ve seen.

Threads are not that big, but 4 of them are definitely enough to keep tailcap. They are well lubricated.

Though knurling is usual, grip is firm. Anyway, with such size and weight, I would use Imalent RT70 only with lanyard on my hand.

2nd minus –“our brand” magnetic charge plug. I have no complaints about it itself: just 119mV, no amperage when shorted, good for waterproof, strong magnet. Definetely better that other manufacturer may offer. I don’t like the whole idea of something different from regular micro-USB\ type-C plug which I can use anyway. When cable is lost, this charge ability is useless.

There are big rectangular metal square button and 3 tiny holes with red\green LED indicators below them. Button is clicky, you can press it with just small force.
Being this big and flat , you can easily find it and press with gloves on.

There are a lot, a lot of deep cooling ribs.

Reflector is DEEP and wide. Thought I get some grip with teeth of bezel, I couldn’t manage to turn bezel off. It seems to be glued. And with teeth like this, RT70 is more convenient for close-range combat then any of tactical flashlight that i`ve tested. You can scalp rhino with them. BTW, Imalent RT70 comes with protective sticker on glass from the box.

So, that`s all.
Big, good looking light. No complaints about build quality, some complaints about construction (contact ring instead of springs).

ON\OFF with click, with mode memory
Long click – cycle modes.
2х clics from any mode – TURBO, 2 clicks from TURBOSTROBE
3 short clicks from OFF – low mode (not mentioned in manual)

5 sec hold – lock\unlock

Overall, good!
Btw, LED indicators. RED ones activates when voltage drops below 3.2v. when you try to start turbo in this situation, they`ll blink 3 times.
Usual green\red color scheme in process of charge.


CW light. But not that cold CW, really.
No visible PWM-shimmering at any mode (about 20-21kHz)

Light distribution is partly alike Convoy L6, that I chose for GIFs below. Most of you own this flashlight, so you can understand what it would be.

There is a definite difference, High of RT70 and Turbo of L6 are about the same bright, but RT70 has brighter hotspot and , no surprise L6 was brighter sidelight.

Charge amperage is good.

Voltage cut off at 2.88v

Stabilisation and runtime are ok. Don’t see significant influence of thermal regulation.

And the most interesting part. Flashlight is really, really bright. That is not wall of light , like with flooder. Instead you get excellent combination of throw and sidelight. I really wanted to see what such mixture of SMO and XHP70.2 would look like, well – it look great.

Criticizing our government, I was forced to change a lot of places, so I made a lot of pics at different spots, lucky to you.
In close range, Imalent RT70 is definitely excessive thing. Thougn, LOW gives you ability to see things about 10-12m ahead from you and that would last for hours and hours, great in situation when you out of electricity.

at slightly longer range you can see good wide sidelight.

About 50-70meters

Good spot for testing such flashlights that reveals vivid difference between L6 and RT70.

!{width:100%}” alt=“rt70_vs_l6_les_2.gif!

175m and wow! At this distance RT70 fully illuminate about 25m high house, and produces decent sidelight as well


You know, that is really good thing.
It is huge, but not excessively huge like DX80, you still can use it in real life.
It is like thrower with sidelight. Combination that a lot of people look for, I bet. Usually you get or this, or that. Here you get both.

+ appearance
+ build quality
+ combination of throw and sidelight
+ set of modes
+ UI
+ build-in charge with good amperage
+ price
+ can work with just 1 battery in.

- contact plate instead of springs -> buy 4×18650 high drain button top
- no moonlight (not that CON,but it`d be better then 3clicks access to LOW)
- brand charge cable

That is definetely specific light. But, I bet, you will not be disappointed. Even nowadays it can be wow!-thing for present and good thing for personal use (in some situations).
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Hi Narmattaru,

Thank you very much for this good review!

The RT70 is my favority 4x 18650 flashlight at this moment. I like the size because its smaller and lighter than Acebeam K60 or K65 but similar in output. 


Greatings from Germany 


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viele dane fur diese gute werten (hope i remember Deutsch schprahe enough good)

please check my review of Mateminko MT70, it outperform RT70. has decent NW light. but doesnt have charge port.
there is direct comparision pics of them in this review.

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Your German is good enough! I unterstand it...


I have seen yours review of Mateminco MT70 allready and like it too! Nice pictures - Spasiba!

Yeah, the MT70 outperforms the RT70 and this NW light looks better than the greenish CW of the RT70. 

But I still prefer the Imalent even if its not so bright, because its not so heavy like the Mateminco. The magnetic charge port is a nice feature...