XTAR VC4 - Display problem?

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XTAR VC4 - Display problem?

I recently acquired a VC4 charger from XTAR and everything works fine but I noticed something weird with the display. If you are viewing the screen from any other angle except straight from the front, (for example from the side or upside down) you can see the letters on the display pulsating in brightness every other second.

It only happens when charging is well on the way. It doesn’t happen at the start or when the charger is empty.

I am using the charger with a 6 port USB HUB also from XTAR and you can see the pulsating even with the screen light off.

Can anyone confirm if this is normal? I realise displays like that are basic, but I havent noticed pulsating in contrast on any other charger.

Thank you, in advance.