(Review) Thorfire BLF Q8

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(Review) Thorfire BLF Q8

Today we will be looking at the Thorfire BLF Q8 which was sent to me by Thorfire for product review, this is a 5000 lumen 50,000 candela flood/throwing soda can light, it uses 4 XP-L HD at 5000k. This is a great all around flashlight for any task, the throwing beam is great as it throws about 450 meters and the flood part of the beam lights up all of the surrounding areas, with 5000 lumens and the great build quality of this flashlight you can’t go wrong purchasing one of your own.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Thorfire-Flash…

Watch and enjoy!

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I bought one from them at Amazon on sale for 53 dollars. Then I bought some protected Orbtronic 3500mah 18650 cells for it. It is a fantastic flashlight and is the first Li cell powered one I have ever bought. The ramping is excellent, tailstanding is perfect and runtime at low levels is excellent. An all around great light to own. At maximum output in my urban setting I was afraid the neighbors would think they were under nuclear attack. Sunrise! For the dollar, most lumens and flexibility by a giant margin. I think it is a must own light…especially if you are a member here.

I LOVE IT!!!!! I should add mine came well greased. I should also add it performs so well it made me proud to be a member here. I have loved flashlights since I was a boy and am so happy to belong to a group of serious enthusiasts.