"Review" Nitecore I8 (Multi Chemistry 8 slot charger)

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"Review" Nitecore I8 (Multi Chemistry 8 slot charger)

I received the Nitecore I8 for the review from Nitecore.
While I think I can provide some useful information about flashlights from a technical point of view, when it comes to chargers, I have very little knowledge. So what I can do is give you my thoughts as a flashlight user, maybe with a few years of flashlight passion on my shoulders.
The I8 is a multi chemistry charger with 8 independent slots and 2 5V 2.1 A standard USB port.

The I8 comes in this box.

Don’t forget to verify the authenticity of your charger, using Nitecore system present on Nitecore website.

Inside the box: the charger, manual, cable. The most distinctive aspect of the I8 is its design.
Most chargers are flat and slim, while the I8 has a “tower” construction.

On the bottom there are silicon pads and the list of supported cells.
The most distinctive aspect of the I8 is its design.

On the side there are the port for the universal cable, the port for the car power adapter and 2 USB ports.

Every slot has a LED light on top, that glows red when charging, and green when charging is finished.

The contact points are raised dots on both poles, and so you can charge both flat and button top cells. It fits long protected 18650 cells.

As far as the output of the charger, it can deliver 1.5 Amps on 2 channels, or 1 amp over 4 channels, or 0.75 over 6 channels, or 0.5 Amp over 8 channels. This will mean that the I8 can still charge quickly batteries the less slots are used. Some chargers can do something like that but only when a single slot is used, I like that the I8 can still deliver 1.5 Amps on 2 channels.
This comes with a caveat: you can’t charge a small number of cells with little capacity cause the current will be too high.

For what I can tell, this charger is best suited for people who needs to charge many batteries.
It is a very simple charger: you put the cell in and the charger does everything. If you forget batteries into it, it has even a built in timer of 20 hours to stop the charging process.
I also like that the charger has 2 USB with a good output.
I really like that it uses a universal cable, and that the 12V car adapter is also available for purchase (not included).

Thanks to Antoled for the camera help.

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