Review - Wuben A21, XHP70 4200lm, 21700 4800mAh

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Review - Wuben A21, XHP70 4200lm, 21700 4800mAh

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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Wuben A21 torch provided by the manufacturer for testing –
It is available in the Banggood shop: branches & utm_content = chendongling & cur_warehouse = CN
With the rebate code – 3b667f, the price drops to 99 USD.

In my case Wuben A21 is the first tested flashlight powered by “new type” cells, that is 21700. To make it more interesting, the manufacturer joins a 21700 cell with a capacity of 4800mAh (probably a high-power cell) with protection.

We receive the flashlight in a black, nicely made magnet-lockable packaging. On the back there is basic information, of the most important number of lm in a given mode, this information coincides with my measurements (more on this later)

In the package:
- a flashlight
- a well-made holster
- leash on the wrist
- a tube to which we can emergencyally place cells 18650 (necessarily secured)
- spare o-rings
- paperology
- link 21700 4800mAh Wuben
- USB C cable (with manufacturer’s logo)

Wuben A21 is a classic-looking flashlight that has many elements in common with other models of the company, such as a similar clip, workmanship, shapes. It is covered with black matt anodization.

Looking from the top, a metal lace tosses into the eyes (he adds a beautiful flashlight) Smiley ), protects the glass with AR coatings, under which there is an OP reflector and XHP70 diode, from which the flashlight “generates” 4200lm in TURBO mode.

Wuben since 1981 under the lace,

Below the button with the words “W” (from the Wuben brand) and the A21 model

After switching on the flashlight or changing the mode, the color of the diode (blue and red) informs about the approximate charge state of the cell

Wuben has found a place for a fluorescent oring that breaks the darkness of the flashlight

On the other side there is a type C USB port, the very best solution, unfortunately, the rubber protecting this port does not make a good impression. I would consider the torch in the water with longer dives. Charging current about 1.5 A

Middle tube without classic knocking, the pattern that he used ensures good hold of the flashlight when it is wet. A21 powered by 21700 links, i.e. something between 18650 and 26650 is great in the hand, disturbing the protruding clip (you can take it off). In the lower part of the middle tube there is a place for a picture showing which side we put in the link, not much and enjoys:)

Cap with address to the manufacturer’s website and serial number. Two thick springs inside. Due to its length, we can use 18650 cells (but only with protection, ordinary cells are too short)

Thread quite thick and well-lubricated at the factory

In the cap there is a place for the assembly of the leash on the wrist

New model, manufacturer with many years of experience, completely new power supply (in fact, a different size of links), which can provide really good current efficiency, but Wuben did not take advantage of the possibilities

- turn on the flashlight with a single click (with the memory of the last mode),
- we change modes in the loop from 5 to 4200lm (5 modes),
- instant TURBO – from the level of the switched off flashlight, press the button for just over 1 second
- two quick clicks when the flashlight is on – activate flashing modes (strobo, next two clicks and SOS)
- two quick clicks when the flashlight is off – activates the low mode (130lm), the next click will turn off the flashlight,
- three fast cliques (flashlight off) – activates protection against accidental switching on. Switch the protection off again by pressing the 3x button within a short time,
- charging the cells, the red color informs about the charging process, the blue color with the completed charging process.

In the T103 model, I had the option of temporarily switching on TURBO from each mode, in A21 I do not have such a possibility. Of course, there is access to the low mode (130lm) and TURBO (4200lm) from the level of the disabled flashlight, this functionality, which is missing in many other flashlights, but with the T103 model in mind I miss this one function.

Functionality to not everything. TURBO mode and 4200lm, the chart shows that at the beginning actually 4200lm is possible. In the lower modes, the manufacturer gives 1200, then 400lm, and after the conversion actually agrees.
The problem is with the excessive saving of cells by the flashlight itself. We buy a flashlight that offers a maximum of 4200lm and as long as the cell is charged, TURBO is available. Unfortunately, the flashlight already at about 3.8V “takes” the TURBO mode and we have the highest High mode, ie 1200lm.
That’s not all, at 3.5-3.6V it also takes us High and the highest mode in the loop becomes 400lm.
At about 3.4-3.3V we only have Moon and Low modes (that is up to 130lm).

I can understand that the manufacturer wants to provide the longest working time of the flashlight on a single link, especially at night or dangerous terrain, but I want to be able to control the brightness of my flashlight.

Weight Wuben A21 with the link 21700 is 218 grams, which is pretty good for a flashlight of these dimensions

The size comparison of the Wuben A21 is the links 21700 and the links 18650.

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H

Wuben A21 TURBO

Wuben A21 High

Emisar D4 TURBO

Emisar D4 “Medium”

Wuben A21 TURBO

Emisar D4 TURBO

Fenix UC52 TURBO

Full size photos:

A few words of summary:

I have high hopes in the Wuben A21 flashlight, a new type of power supply, good performance, interesting appearance (I like it), USB C, quite well thought out modes and quite acceptable sizes.
The most disappointing thing about the controller and its aggressive decrease in brightness (in principle, “taking” modes along with the decreasing voltage of the cell). Ok, this allows for a long working time on one link, but we pay for 4200lm and not 1200 or 400lm (below 3.6V on the cell), other manufacturers’ flashlights allow the user to control brightness individually, Wuben wants to do it for us.
With the Wuben A21 rebate code in the Banggood store it costs 99 USD. It’s too much, the fair price for a flashlight with these possibilities is 60USD and at such a price along with the link may turn out to be a good proposition.

Thank you for your attention

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