Zebralight SC600 MkIII Emitter Swap

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Pavlo wrote:
Bob_McBob, thank you so much. BLF is such a great resource and I keep on learning so much thanks to people like yourself.
I really like the technique proposed by 1C3: (image below)

Sounds like putting it on the surface is a much better alternative, even if it means it may get scratched.
Is there any particular UV LOCA glue that you recommend?

I have some Lee filters on back order with Adorama. Will test them using this method as soon as I receive them!

Not sure I’d want to try that glue job.

If the glue wasn’t tacky enough, some of it would likely flow between the glass lens and the filter.

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Talk about timing. Finally received my Zircon filter from B&H and used the above technique to apply it on one of my zebralights. That exact issue came up. The adhesive worked its way under the filter and formed an uneventful circle around the center of the glass. Not sure what it will be like if I decide to remove it. I obviously put too much adhesive!

The adhesive is slightly less clear than the areas without, but barely noticeable and only when pointing on a white wall.

As to tint, the XP-L2 is now below BBL, and absolutely stunning. Def better than my Nichia 219c 4000k lights. Output was reduced by about 25%, but barely noticeable in real use and well worth it to get rid of the green tint!