[Review] - Armytek Viking Pro V3 XHP50 Warm White + Mount AWM-03 - by Lock

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[Review] - Armytek Viking Pro V3 XHP50 Warm White + Mount AWM-03 - by Lock

Hello guys!! Today we will see the Armytek Viking Pro V3 XHP50 Warm White version and the AWM-03 magnetic mount. The products have been kindly provided by Armytek specifically for the review.


Armytek Viking Pro V3: Packaging and content

The Armytek Viking Pro V3 arrives in the classic Armytek cardboard pack. A plastic window allows you to glimpse the light from the outside. The main information of the product is shown on all four sides. The equipment is particularly rich and includes:

• Armytek Viking Pro V3

• Laynard • Nylon Holster

• Belt Clip • Rubber Cigar Grip

• 2 x Spare O-ring

• Armytek Li-Ion 18650 3100mAh

• Instruction Manual



  • Amazing brightness – up to 2300 LED lumens. Extremely far throw up to 370 meters.
  • Comfortable light 5:40 for efficient hunting with shotguns.
  • Constant brightness even in -25°C frost and with almost discharged batteries.
  • The highest IP68 dust- and waterproof standard – more than 5 hours at 50 meters depth.
  • Reliable body, red/green/blue filters and original remote switches for comfortable Hunting and secure Military application.
  • Guaranteed durability – stands up the recoil of any gun gauge and falling from 30 meters height.
  • Record runtime with 1x18650 Li-Ion battery in Firefly mode – 100 days.


Led light output: 2300lm CW - 2140lm WW

OTF light output: 1800lm CW - 1675lm WW

Trow: 286 mt CW - 276 mt WW

Intensity: 20500 cd CW - 19050 cd WW

Body Material: Aircraft-grade aluminium

Body Anti-Abrasive Finish: Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV

Spot: 10°

Spill: 80°

Battery: 18650, 2x CR123A, 2x RCR123 / 16340, 2 × 18350

Voltage: 2,7-13 V

LED: Cree XHP50 HD

Waterproof: IP68, 50 mt, 5 hrs

Impact Resistance: 30 mt

Memory Mode

Momentary On

Temperature: -25 +40 °C

Low Parasitic Drain


Length: 154 mm

Body diameter: 25.4 mm

Head diameter: 41 mm

Weight: 126g (without battery) about 170g (with battery)


Output Level, Runtime end User Interface

Output levels are many and well spaced. In total we have 9 divided as follows: 2 programmable Turbo levels, 5 normal levels, and 2 special levels (strobe). Armytek declares that the Warm version has about 7% less light intensity than the Cool version and 3% lower shooting.

Turbo 2: Cool White = 1800lm - 1 hr / Warm White = 1674lm [color=#FF0000](measured 1656)[/color] - 1 hr

Turbo 1: Cool White = 900lm - 1.7 hr / Warm White = 837lm [color=#FF0000](measured 848)[/color] - 1.7 hrs


Main 3: Cool White = 390lm - 4 hrs / Warm White = 362lm [color=#FF0000](measured 368)[/color] - 4 hrs

Main 2: Cool White = 165lm - 10.5 hrs / Warm White = 153lm [color=#FF0000](measured 155)[/color] - 10.5 hrs

Main 1: Cool White = 30lm - 50 hrs / Warm White = 27lm [color=#FF0000](measured 36)[/color] - 50 hrs


Firefly 2: Cool White = 1.7lm - 40 days / Warm White = 1.5lm - 40 days

Firefly 1: Cool White = 0.15lm - 200 days / Warm White = 0.13lm - 200 days


Strobo 2: Cool White = 1800lm – 15Hz – 2 hrs / Warm White = 1674Hz – 15Hz – 2 hrs

Strobo 1: Cool White = 165lm – 15Hz – 22 hrs / Warm White = 153lm – 15Hz – 22 hr

All measurements are to be considered peak as they are taken at the beginning immediately after switching on. In addition, the output values were taken using NON professional equipment and therefore could also vary substantially from reality.


Runtime - Turbo 2 Level - Armytek 18650 3100mAh


User Interface

The body and the materials

The Armytek Pro is a linear tactical flashlight with an aggressive design. The new version V3 is equipped with the powerful Led Cree XHP50 capable of delivering as many as 2300 LED lumens to the Turbo (1800lm OTF). The model in my possession is the Warm White version, very warm and with an excellent color rendering. As an alternative, as mentioned above, the Cool version is also available.

The build quality of this model is truly exceptional. As soon as it was taken in hand, it immediately gave me a feeling of absolute robustness. The thicknesses are abundant and the weight is generous (about 170g with battery). The torch body is mainly composed of three parts that can easily be disassembled: "the head" and "the central body" and the "tailcap".

The head has a maximum diameter of about 41mm. Inside we find a deep parable with orange peel and well centered, thanks to a centraled black, the powerful XHP50 HD Warm White version.

The bezel is very protruding (about 1cm), laced and protects the lens very well.

On the head there are some shallow dissipation fins, mostly designed for aesthetic reasons.

The lens is of good quality, thick, with the classic anti-reflection treatment.

The central body is about 7cm long considering also the fillets. Here we find the rubber Cigar Grip already assembled, very convenient to use, easy to extract. It allows you to hold the flashlight in your hand in cigarette-style or firmly gripped with your palm

On the lower part of the central body there is also a groove where it is possible to hook the belt clip. This offers an exceptional grip on the torch and an excellent grip on clothing while being very small.

Both threads are lubricated with NyoGel. The fillets are very precise and flowing. In the vicinity of both threads there are double O-rings to guarantee waterproofing in any condition.

The threads on the tailcap side are anodized and the physical lock-out of the classic ¼ turn interface is allowed. On the side of the head instead the threads are not anodized. The tailcap has a square profile with rounded corners. Here is the dual-stroke power button for managing the interface. This is made of rubber, very reactive and to the total pressure it emits a loud and ringing "click". Pressed only partially does not emit any noise. A small hole on the tailcap allows the connection of the wrist strap.

The anodization is opaque, well made and uniform on the whole body of the torch. The particular finish that Armytek adopts on its flashlights allows you to have an excellent grip even if you do not have any type of knurling.

The lettering is abundant and present on the tailcap, on the head and on the body. Well done and well centered does not present any kind of imperfection.

At the negative pole we have a spring with a good section and quite resistant, at the positive pole we also have a spring here but smaller and more rigid than the previous one. The springs at the poles allow the torch to be used on a firearm without having problems of annoying shutdown due to the movements of the battery.

The package includes a 18650 3100mAh high drainage plate with Armytek license plate.

Along with the torch comes a comfortable Nylon holster, a wrist strap, a spare rubber for the switch and two O-rings.

Armytek declares an exceptional watertight seal up to 50 meters depth for 5 hours and an amazing resistsence to falls up to 30 meters in height. Furthermore the torch is able to resist the recoil of any firearm.


Active temperature Control

The flashlight can quickly heat up in Turbo mode. When the temperature becomes +60°C – the brightness decreases by small steps. After cooling-down (provided that battery voltage is sufficient) the brightness increases to the Turbo mode again. This stepping goes cyclically to maintain the user's safety and the flashlight's functionality. In conditions of good air-cooling the flashlight delivers light without stepping down even in Turbo mode. There are no preset timers for stepping, but realtime active temperature measurements.


Tint, Beam and Beamshots

The Viking beam is clean and uniform, wide but with a good shot. It is possible to illuminate optimally at a distance of 100-120mt. The tint is uniform, very pleasant, warm and makes the colors really good. The geometry of the beam does not present any kind of artifact.

The "Firefly" levels, because of their very low brightness I could not take pictures with my camera. So, all the beamshots will cover the three levels Main and the two levels Turbo.

Beamshots 1

Beamshots 2

Beamshots 3

Other shots with Turbo Level ...

Beamshots 4

Beamshots 5

Beamshots 6

Beamshots 7


Considerazioni finali

The Viking Pro V3 has pleasantly surprised me from every point of view. A real tactical flashlight with intelligent modes selectable according to your needs. Two programmable Turbo levels, many output levels well spaced and in line with what was declared by the manufacturer.

The materials are of quality, the abundant thicknesses. The build quality is excellent and the details taken care of in the smallest details.

Beautiful and innovative the switching system through the rotation of the head of 1/8 and very practical the power button that allows both the "Momentary On" and the "Constant Light".

We have the presence of a true firefly level of only 0.15lm with an exceptional theoretical life of 200 days and a Turbo of 1800lm.

The beam is uniform, quite wide and with a good shot. The warm tint offers an excellent color rendering especially when used in nature.

The temperature control works effectively and protects the torch from overheating.

Viking Pro V3 is really a good product !!!


AWM-03: Magnet Weapon Mount for flashlights

The Armytek AWM-03 mount arrives in a cardboard box with impressed all its main features.

This object allows you to quickly and easily mount the flashlights with a diameter of 1 "(25.4mm), such as the Armytek Viking Pro seen in this review.

The AWM-03 is compatible with weapons whose barrel has a diameter of 0.3-1.2 "(8-30mm). Thanks to the powerful Neodymium magnets present allows a quick installation and a good grip on the metal. Magnets, in fact, have an incredible attractive force of about 18 pounds / 8.1 kg, so there is no possibility that the support will detach from the firearm during shoting.

The build quality is impeccable and the materials are of quality. Hooking the torch is very simple, just fit it in the appropriate housing. Equally simple is the extraction.

The dimensions are very small 54 x 39 x 48mm and the weight is about 77g

In short, a quality product that is easy to use!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Nice review Thumbs Up i think the armytek predator is in the same category too