Sofirn SP10B review (incomplete)

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Sofirn SP10B review (incomplete)

Hello Everybody!
This is a review about Sofirn SP10B. I got it kindly from Sofirn to make a honest review for it.
I got no other compensation for the review other than the light itself.

The flashlight uses Cree XP-G2 led on an aluminom non-DTP MCPCB and the factory data claimed 573 lumens with14500 li-Ion battery, and …. lumens with AA or Ni-Mh battery.

It only accepts button top batteries. It came with two spare O-rings and a lanyard and a user manual in a cardboard box. The flashlight is well machined and nice. The user manual is very clearly written in english and german.

-Size: 87.5 mm length and 21.6mm thickest diameter on head.
-Weight without battery: ……..g
It has uncoated toughened glass lens and orange peel reflector.
It has a very firm pocket clip.
It can tailstand very well.
The host was made from 6061 aluminum and coated with HAII blue anodizing.

Next to it’s big brother the SP32A

It has only a side e-switch. It has phisycal lockout with tailcap and electronic lockout with 4 fast clicks from OFF. Same to unlock. It show locking with 2 blinks.

It has 3 modes and a hidden turbo which is accessible with a fast doubble click, and strobe with fast triple click. With short click it starts in moon and with a long click from OFF return to last used level.
It has mode memory if stayed in a level for 2 seconds.

I measured it with Soshine 14500 unprotected Li-Ion battery and Ikea LADDA Ni-Mh which is same as white Eneloops.
It also has phisycal reverse polarity protection.

Here are my measurement numbers:
With 14500 Li-ion:
-Turbo: 538 lumens
-High: lumens
-Low: lumens
-Moon: very very low (can’t measure with my tube)
-Intensity in turbo: 4850 cd
-Throw: 139 m

With AA Ni-Mh:
With this type of battery you don’t have turbo mode.
-High: 181 lumens
-Low: lumens
-Moon: very very low (can’t measure with my tube)
-Intensity in turbo: 1300 cd
-Throw: 72 m

I tried to set my camera not make turbo too high but the moon is so low that you can’t see nothing on the picture. but that is how higher modes looks close to reality.




Turbo at more distance on the yard (14500)

Moon(AA Ni-Mh)

Low(AA Ni-Mh)

High(AA Ni-Mh)

High at more distance(AA Ni-Mh)

-high output with 14500
-good machining
-nice UI
-electric lockout
-big tailcap (very good at tailstanding)
-strong pocket clip
-reverse polarity protection
-high quality finish and nice color
-spare O-rings and lanyard
-very small pocketable size

-No battery info
-bug:from turbo with long click OFF and then 2x press to ON
-No magnet in tailcap
-Tube threads are pretty thin

It is a very bright flashlight for its size and It throws very good with the XP-G2 small die led. And it has overall good quality and machining and anodization.
The firmware is also good and usable. Maybe between moon and low it has a big jump but not a big problem.

Sofirn you did this one very good. I hope there will be more lights like this one.

Thank you for reading through!

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I carry mine daily and like it very much. My only gripe is the long press to last used level and short press to ML which is so low. My preference would be for this to be reversed. Also , off from turbo is sometimes long and sometimes short click depending on how you get there. Can be confusing.