Highest current output 4-bay charger supporting LiFePo4 with battery capacity display

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Highest current output 4-bay charger supporting LiFePo4 with battery capacity display


Anyone has a recommendation for a Highest current output (all 4-channels) 4-bay charger supporting LiFePo4 – that can show battery capacity?

I was looking into Folomov A4, but it doesn’t seem to have the ability to show battery capacity (would need a charger that can do test mode with charge-discharge cycle?). Correct me if I’m wrong. Also some reported Folomov A4’s springs could break off, not sure if anyone has experienced this.

If there’s 12VDC input possible so can use in the car that’d be even better.

BTW, some chargers don’t come with a 12V DC car cigarette connector cable that allow to directly plug into the car cigarette socket, but I can just get a matching 12V DC connector w/ the right plug size for the charger end — that should work?


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Subbing to this. Also looking for a 4slot high amp charger for Samsung 30qs Smile

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Miboxer C4-12A for the 30Qs, unfortunately it can’t do 3.2V LiFePO4.

3 amps for all 4 channels. Has temperature control, so if the batt gets too warm it would auto throttle the current down. Additional safety factor here for the pros list.

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Well, the SkyRC MC3000 does most everything, including the one you need, although it’s expensive and probably overkill for most users.

There’s the Nitecore SC4 (but capacity display on the 3rd or 4th slot can sometimes be incorrect when all 4 bays are loaded) which supports LiFePO4 charging (max 2× 3A when using the first 2 slots only — the battery capacity will be correct when only these 2 slots are used).

The new 4-bay Liitokala Lii-PD4 also charges LiFePO4, but when all 4 slots are used, it charges at a max 0.5A per slot only. It can charge at faster rate (1A with 2 slots occupied) or up to 2A (only on the 4th slot, and only that slot is occupied).