18,000th Post Giveaway! Winner! David EF! Congratulations!

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I’m in!

Congrats on 18k!

DB Custom
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Y’all ready for this?

The XP-L2 Q8 with all it’s tweaks and the new UCLp lens is up from 9453 lumens to 9936 lumens, by merely swapping the lens. Big Smile

Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

FWIW: This is the UCLp 54.87mm x 2.9mm UCLp in Acrylic from Chris at flashlightlens.com. He also has a glass AR coated lens that fits and has a 99% light transmission rating, at 55mm x 1.9mm… it fits but needs a thicker o-ring to prevent it rattling and make the water tight seal up top. Stock lens measures 54.8mm x 2.8mm and has no coatings.

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Two beautiful modded lights… Thumbs Up
I’m In.

Only 17,998 more to go for me. Give me a few days….

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I’m in! Thanks!


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I’m in!

Holy cow… 18,000 posts!!!!! Beer

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Please, COUNT me in.

Just back from the dark wilds of Alaska and I sure used all the lights I brought for some real deep woods camping trips!

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I’m in thanks and congratulations to your 18knpost. I hope to win this giveaway and make a review on it pass it on to another person that really “needs” it rather than just want it and starts collecting dust. These beautiful lights are meant to be used and shown to public for them to be amazed.

DB Custom
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I like showing off hot rods in public. Big Smile
Start by shining the moon mode into the palm of my hand, show how little it can do, then reverse into Turbo, still pointing at my hand, to show how BLINDING it can be! The downside of that is that you never know when someone may have a negative reaction and you just ruined their day. Instant migraine to those who have that kind of issue. Did that once, felt bad about it. Usually though people just recoil with bursts of expletives. Wink

At a party, a camp-out, or any place where it’s pretty dark and semi-confined… Lightning mode is just really amazing, especially when more than 5000 lumens is involved. The more lumens the more realistic the lightning show. I have Anduril running my Meteor M43 at 18,940 lumens… the lightning and tactical strobes are just insane! Turbo is too much for the actual software, the thermal regulation overloads and shuts down the driver temporarily within about 15 seconds from a cold start.

A mode like Lightning or Candlelight is truly amazing on the Q8, a joy to use and so impressive you’ll find yourselves simply turning the lights out and not waiting for a power outage. lol

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I’m in. Congrats on 18k

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I’m in! Always wanted a quad ( a heat of quad ) Big Smile

Light Own: Convoy S2+ 4C FET, BLF X6v2, BLF Q8, BLF LT1, WildTrail D80v2, Convoy L6 TA Narsil, BLF GT, BLF-348, Convoy S2+ 18350 Nichia 219BT, Astrolux A01, Olight I3E tan
Gifted Away: Convoy C8+ Sand 4C FET, Pelican 2350, BLF D80 (due to flicker), BLF A6 (due to green tint), BLF X5
Built/Modded: EE X6 FET SST-40 N4 6500K dedomed, Two EE X6 FET XP-L HI V2 3A, Two Convoy C8+ Sand 4C + FET

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I’m in!
Roses are red, violets are blue, how bright Dale’s flashlight I had no clue

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I’m In!

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“ I’M IN “

Hello Dale , Looking at the lumens output , you really take the statement “Let There Be Light “ seriously !!! Silly

Keep it moving up and Thanks for the 18K GAW Thumbs Up Wink


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I’m in!
Dale Customs are my favorite things, of course I’m in!
Thanks for your generosity, and all of your contributions to the forum. ALL of them. Which leads me to shake my head at 18000+ posts. Amazing, and congrats.

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I’m in…
Thank You.


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I’m in!

Thanks Dale!

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That X6 looks great.
I’m in.

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I’m totally IN!

Great giveaway! Thumbs Up

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congratulations. I am in!

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Congratulations Dale.
Count me in

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I’m in. Thank you for all the work.

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“I’m In!”
Thanks for the 18K Gway. Seems like just yesterday you did one at 10K. If you waited a month this would be a 20K Gway. Silly

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I’m in.
Never to many lumens. Thanks for giveway


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Congrats on 18k post. It only took you a little over 5 years, now lets see how many you can get in the next 5. Thumbs Up
We really should be giving you a prize or something at 20k Facepalm
Update: Oops, I’m not in on this one. I’d like to see a newer member win one of these great lights. Thumbs Up

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I’m in!

Eighteen thousand posts,
A free flashlight of my choice.
DB Custom rocks!

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I had to double look at your post count….18,000 is an insane amount of post. I truly hope you stay with us for a very very long time. You make this hobby much more enjoyable and entertaining for me.


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One thing I have noticed as I get updates on this thread is that there are several entrants not following the 2nd rule/qualification of the giveaway. Reference “I’m In”. Just my observation. Maybe DB will be lenient. Facepalm

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Wow! 18000 posts? Way to overload the board..

So… A poem?

Some folks post a lot
But if it means a free light
You know I am in!

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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I’m in!

Wow – been gone for a while and come back to find a great giveaway! CONGRATS ON THE 18K POSTS!

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I’m in!
I wish I had good poem skills so…I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t. Facepalm

Congrats on 18K posts! Thumbs Up