What's the best 10440 flashlight?

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I have a DQG Slim AAA that I put a 3000K Nichia 219b in and run with a 10440. Its fantastic: the tint is lovely, it has high and low modes which are v useful, its a very satisfying shape to hold, and it has to be pretty much the smallest AAA sized flashlight you could build with a tail switch.

The original led (xpg?) was pretty awful, but since swapping it out it might be my favourite flashlight.

The mushy tail switch is a real shame, and the only downside of it.

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Do the Wurkkos WK01’s play well with 10440’s? I’ve heard they might get damaged if you try…

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Lumen9000 wrote:
how crazy is this wrote:
Catnap wrote:
Manker E02 II

My fave! Neutral White: 4000K CRI>95. Magnet in tail cap, excellent clip. Easy EDC and more versatile than a straight light.

Personally I don’t do 10400 though. AAA does everything I want. If I want more lumen I have other lights for that. Give up too much run time to gain lumen that aren’t really necessary for the close work that this is most useful for. (Fixing things, walking the dogs, etc.) Also, with the 10400 the incredible moonlight modes are sacrificed for a 5 lumen low. Unacceptable trade off for me. If 420 Lumen vs 220 lumen max is most important to you then the 10400 would obviously be the way to go.

I think it’s more the idea of having a rechargable flashlight. And with a modern 10440 the lumens on high with an enelop is around the same as the lumens on medium with the 10440, with a better runtime for the 10440. The only caveat left is the ultra low mode/ moonlight. I wish we had more intelligent drivers that were able to harness the energy better. 4.2v 500 mah or 1.2v 900 mah the wh is way better in the li-ion battery if we harness it effeciently.

https://lygte-info.dk/ is done by a member here. Best info I can find. It appears that the most realistic expectations are at best 350 mAh. It also appears to me that if you drive them hard the capacity drops off a cliff. I really don’t believe that the difference in energy between a good niMH AAA and a 10440 is very significant. The higher voltage of the 10440 can give higher lumen than is possible with the AAA. Run times appear to me to be an entirely different story. Plus, as you point out, at least with drivers for lights that run both, the 10440s can’t do moonlight.

I get over 1000 mAh from a AAA nominal voltage 1.2 = 1200 mWh. Nominal voltage on a 10440 is 3.7 * 350 = 1295. Not much difference between the two in terms of energy. Actual testing from https://lygte-info.dk/ shows a fair number of AAA cells that actually have more energy than a fair number of 10440 cells.

On the E02 II, run time specs are AAA High 90 Lumen 1.5 hours. 10440 Mid 90 Lumen 1.2 hours. What flashlight shows better run times for the same lumen with a 10440 vs AAA? Would be interesting to see what is different about those drivers?

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darosk wrote:
Do the Wurkkos WK01's play well with 10440's? I've heard they might get damaged if you try...


From product page:

Operating voltage:1.0V – 1.5V


I would say no.

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darosk wrote:
Do the Wurkkos WK01’s play well with 10440’s? I’ve heard they might get damaged if you try…

Have one and they do not get much brighter with 10440 and will be damaged.

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Ok good to know