Review: Nitecore TM10K

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Review: Nitecore TM10K

here is a product page

you can buy Nitecore TM10K at
NITETORCH they generously offered 20% code HJK5KDNQ valid for all the items in store, including other brands

here is manual

I guess that I will not be mistaken if I say that in in last years TM model line came to mind to anyone who wanted some really bright brand flashlight. Recently, literally, in last year situation changed with released 10+ and 20+ klumes stuff. But still TM model line offers interesting products, one of which I would like to discuss here.

SPECS (as stated)

• Utilizes 6 CREE XHP35 HD LEDs to produce a max output of 10,000 lumens
• Maximum beam intensity of 20,000cd and maximum throw of 288 meters
• Lightweight, rigid and fast cooling tube built from unibody die-cast CNC technology
• Multifunctional OLED real-time display for lumens, voltage, runtime and temperature etc.
• Built-in 4,800mAh 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit
• High efficiency constant circuit provides stable output up to 200 hours
• Combination of dual side switches and a tail switch controls 5 brightness levels
• Customizable HIGH Brightness Level
• An optical system combined with crystal coating and “Precision Digital Optics Technology” (PDOT)
• Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
• Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
• HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
• Waterproof in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)
• Impact resistant to 1 meter
• Tail stand capability

Size: 110mm×41mm×31mm (4.33”×1.61”×1.22”)
(Including the clip)
Weight: 246.5g (8.7oz)
(Including the clip)
USB Type-C charging cable, holster, lanyard

Usually all these promo pics contain lots of common words, which are the same from products to products. Here I was surprised to read the whole story behind constructing TM10K. that was definitely interesting reading, at least for me. And as flashlight is not indivisible, lots of this x-ray pics, even in form of 3d-graphic gives a clue to understanding what lays inside.


As in case of Nitecore Concept 2, one more expensive flashlight, this one is packed in thick black cardboard box. Regarding to all other light`s packages, this one can even be labeled as luxury .

Inside it, under additional foam rubber cover lays nitecore TM10K itself. Compartment next to it contains: type-c cable, manual and holster.

Holster as holster. I believe that over 40-50USD price range that most of them are equally good.

And here is our review hero. Quite modest, in matter of size, and outstanding in matter of output. Just 110х41х31mm and 246g weight.

By the time I got parcel, I`ve forgotten about it`s unusual look. So, I was surprised when I took it in hand. This compact rectangular solid brick definitely stays aside from all the stuff that I tested. And it`s not like it`s ugly, no way. Nitecore TM10K looks definitely good.

!{width:100%}” alt=“vid1400.gif” border=“0” />

Clip at the rears side is removable and covers some info.

There are no knurling (as we used to see it), but, it is like the one of Nitecore EC4GTS, a lot of squares, wide and high – definitely good from the position of grip.

So, what about grip – don’t be skeptical, it firm. Clip, as usually, adds a lot to it.

There are a pair of screws right by lanyard laces. I took them (screws) out – nothing happened. Nitecore TM10K is manufactory sealed. Again – you don’t have access to any insides. Battery is built-in. Nitecore decided that such construction would provide best possible contact with battery. Well, I think that contact plate with spring underneath would work perfectly.

There is a wide clicky button at the tail, it activates turbo and also works as indicator.

From the opposide side from button you can see type-c charge port. It has toughest cover that I ever met. It was a challenge to open it , but I fount a way – just pressed it with metal end of charge cable, and cover popped up. So, that is really good, you will not be afraid it`ll occasionally get opened.

UI is based on 3 buttons ( basically on 2 )and reminds on EC4 model line. Buttons are clicky, attractive. Kinda retrofuturistic things, style that I like.

One more feature is display that shows most of flashlight`s parameters.

Of course, such mixture of size and form-factor leads to absence of cooling ribs. There are pair of tiny grooves, though, but they relates more to design, then to functionality.

But, (spoiler) guys at Nitecore did a good job on heat dissipation, I must admit.

There are 6 pack of XHP-35 placed at the bottom of shallow SMO reflectors.

Glass edges is covered with something like transparent glued. As there is no bezel, there is no other way to attach it to flashlight body but glue it.

So, overall, what about appearance, Nitecore TM10K is attractive thing with good grip and access to buttons.
Unfortunately, there is no access to insides, we only may judge it by promo pics.

It reminds me on EC4 model line. I was surpised to see ability to set HIGH mode here, from 400 to 2000.

Lockout / Unlock

TM10K has two lockout modes (Half Lockout Mode and Full Lockout Mode).
Half Lockout Mode (Lockout 1):
• When the light is on, press and hold the Power Button, during which the screen will show “Locking…”, until the light is turned off to access
Half Lockout Mode. After that, the screen will show “Lockout 1” and the current battery voltage.
• When in Half Lockout Mode, both the Power Button and the Mode Button are unavailable to activate the flashlight. Short pressing either
button will activate the screen only.
• When in Half Lockout Mode, the Tail Switch is still available for accessing TURBO.
Full Lockout Mode (Lockout 2):
• When the light is on, press and hold the Power Button even after accessing Half Lockout Mode, until the light flashes once and the
screen shows “Lockout 2” to access Full Lockout Mode.
• When in Full Lockout Mode, all 3 buttons are unavailable to activate the flashlight. Short pressing any button will activate the screen only.

In either Lockout Mode, short press and then long press the Power Button, during which the screen will show “Unlock…”, until the flashlight
is activated to exit Lockout Mode.

Location Indication
On: When the light is off, press and hold both the Power Button and the Mode Button until the screen shows “BEACON ON” to access Location
Indication. The blue indicator located in the Tail Switch will flash once every 2 seconds to indicate the location of TM10K. The standby time in
this status is approx. 3 months.
Off: When the light is off, press and hold both the Power Button and the Mode Button until the screen shows “BEACON OFF” to exit Location


Battery here is (nitecore says) 4800 mAh Samsung INR21700 48G (35A). one more time – it is unswappable.

Charge amperage is 1.2A, not that much, they might boost it to 2A. So now it takes about 4 hours to fully charge. If you have QC device, that`ll decrease this time to about hour and half.

CW, which is expectable. No visible PWM-Shimmering at any mode.

As Nitecore TM10K is rectangular, LEDs here are 2×3. So, that`s affect light distribution. In VERY close range you can see it like this. But in real life, like from 4-5m range, you`ll mostly see no difference with other lights. And in real-life use I wouldn’t take this into account.

As size/output ratio is outstanding, we have to look deeper into stabilization and thermal regulation.

Reminder – turbo is 7 sec limited, and if you want, you can activate it again. But nitecore does NOT recommend it , as this can burn insides. And, actually, don’t thing you`ll be able to deal with all this heat that Nitecore TM10K generates. So, for urgent needs – you have extremely bright light resource. 2 consequent starts of Turbo, i believe. 3 is too much. Let flashlight get cooled.

Heat dissipation is excellent, flashlight gets hot really quick in turbo. And what about other modes – it is excellent as well, I tested 1000lums inside closed room and made a control test at balcony. There I left flashlight in the cabinet, with door opened little bit. It was about 10-15 degrees there, no wind. So I was surprised to see that resulting chart was the same as it was when I used fan cool in closed room, with room temperature there.

So, outdoor, I expect that light will be well stabilized and would be like fan-cooled, providing you with good stabilized brightness here. Almost the same is for 2k mode, just give Nitecore TM10K little bit cooling, just go outside and walk (of course if it is not +30 degrees around) and it will react like it has fan cooling. I never expected such good heat dissipation from flashlight with no cooling ribs and from flashlight of this form and size. And no “sawtooth!”

If you set HIGH at about 800 lums, you get good addition to runtime and mostly the same brithness as 1000k. that would be my choice, because I have to remember that I cannot change battery to fresh one.

10-15m range.

About 40m

I`d estimate max useful range within 100m for turbo and about 40m in high (default).
Of course in this situation light will be as much floody as it possible instead of throwy.

And 2-3 more pics in turbo. Last one perfectly illustrate light distribution.


My opinion is mixed. I see both PROs and CONs here.

Most functional CON for me here is built-in battery, which I`d like to be able to swap to fresh one when I want and need. This limits me for using Nitecore in high-turbo when it`s about nite-long use.

The rest functionality is good. Nitecore TM10K is compact flooder with attractive design and ability to emit numbers of photons, unbelievable just 2-3 years ago. Back these time it would be really Sci-Fi thing.

And R&D guys did excellent job on handling such heat. It almost doesn affect real use, light is surpisingly stabilised.

You have to understand that this is flooder, expect sidelight here, not throw. From the position of sidelight – it`s good and may also give some throw in Turbo. And with it`s excellent heat dissipation all this is not decorative. For those, who want something really compact and REALLY bright – TM10K should be taken into account. definetely.

Yeah, price is on the same level as all other TM models. That is not EC 22 )

+ compact size
+ appearance
+ stabilized HIGH
+ battery is built-in, but that’s 21700
+ no visible PWM-shimmering
+ surprisingly good thermal-regulation .
+ Type-C charge
+ resource of brightness
+ High from 400 to 2000
+ UI

+\- display. It looks good now, but real-life use will show

- price
- CW only
- built-in battery.

You can buy Nitecore TM10K here

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