[Review] - Lumintop ODF30C - 3500 lumen, 19600cd, micro USB - by Lock

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[Review] - Lumintop ODF30C - 3500 lumen, 19600cd, micro USB - by Lock

Hello everyone ... today we will see one of the last flashlight born at the Lumintop house, sent to me specifically for the review. Let's talk about Lumintop ODF30C evolution of the previous ODF30 from which it differs mainly due to the presence of a system integrated charging. The flashlight was kindly provided by Bangood specifically for the review.

From this -- > LINK < -- you can buy it. In addition, using the coupon " AC18 " you can get a substantial discount on the sale price.


Packaging and content

The Lumintop ODF30C arrives in a rigid paper box. On the side there is a cardboard compartment where the various accessories are stored. The package includes is quite rich and includes:

  • The light (Lumintop ODF30C)
  • Nylon holster
  • Wrist strap
  • Two spare O-rings
  • Standard micro USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

The battery is not included in the package. The nylon holster is of quality and protects the torch well

The wrist strap is of fair quality.

Main features

  • Cree XHP70.2 LED with a service life of 50,000 hours
  • Power supply with 26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 5 output levels + Strobe/SOS/Beacon
  • Maximum power at the Turbo of 3500 lumens and a shooting distance of about 280 meters
  • High efficiency circuit with a maximum runtime of 250 hours
  • Solid and compact body (length: 123mm, weight approx. 161g), easy to transport thanks to the additional holster
  • Aluminum alloy reflector for a wide and balanced light beam
  • Stainless steel bezel with electric blue finish
  • Side switch, convenient and precise
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens (99%) with anti-reflective coating
  • Physical and electronic lock out
  • Performing dissipation fins
  • Fast charging via built-in micro USB port
  • Low voltage indicator that reminds you to change or charge the battery
  • Flat tailcap that allows tailstanding
  • Body made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, anti-abrasion finish with hard anodized type III of the surface
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Impact resistance up to 1.5 meters
  • 5 years free repair and limited lifetime warranty


  • Emitter: Cree XHP70.2
  • Max Output: 3500 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 280 m
  • Beam Intensity: 19600cd
  • Max Runtime: 250 h
  • Battery: 1x26650
  • Working Voltage: 3.7 v
  • Modes: 5 Mormal + 3 Special (Strobo/SOS/Beacon)
  • Waterproof: IP68 (2 metri)
  • Impact Resistance: 2m
  • Lenght: 123 mm
  • Head Diameter: 42 mm
  • Body Diameter: 32 mm
  • Weight: 161 g (without battery) ~258g (with battery)

Output Levels and Runtime

Turbo: 3500 lm (measured 3596 lm) – 3min + 2h15min

High: 1800 lm (measured 1685 lm) – 2h15min

Middle: 540 lm (measured 560 lm) – 5h45min

Low: 150 lm (measured 159 lm) – 21h

Eco: 8 lm (measured 10 lm) – 250h

The measured values are to be considered peak, taken in the moments immediately following the switch-on. Furthermore, all measures are made with non-professional tools and may therefore also be deviating from the real values. The runtime schemes are shown below

The body and the materials The Lumintop ODF30C is a 26650 flashlight but compact and light enough.

Inside the powerful XHP70.2 able to deliver to the Turbo 3500lumen. The ligh is taken care of in the details, the materials are of quality, the abundant thicknesses and everything is well finished. Taken in hand offers a good impression of strength and solidity.

The head has some series of dissipation fins that allow to dissipate the heat produced by the LED to high levels.

The thermal regulation system prevents the flashlight from reaching too high temperatures which could damage LEDs, batteries and internal circuits. So if you exceed 55 ° C the output will be reduced automatically. In these conditions it is always possible to access the Turbo or high levels, if necessary. The only part that can be unscrewed is the tailcap for inserting the battery. The other parts such as the bezel and the central part of the body are blocked.

The Bezel in stainless steel with a glossy blue finish.

The lens is thick, has anti-reflective treatment, and a transparency that Lumintop claims to be 99%.

The shallow reflector (with diffusion characteristic) has an orange peel finish that attenuates the artifacts produced by the LED. At the center of the reflector there is the XHP70.2 led well centered.

The Side button allows you to control the entire interface thanks to the intelligent UI that the torch is equipped with. It is made of rubber, surrounded by a steel bezel ring of the same color of the bezel, protruding enough, offers excellent tactile feedback and at the pressure emits a silent click. Under the power button there is also a status indicator that is activated during the battery charging phase or if the cell voltage drops below the 3V threshold.

On the opposite side of the power button we find the particular and innovative charging port. A rotating steel bead is placed to protect against water and dirt. The company logo (a bunny) is engraved on it.

The central body presents a polygonal work with protruding parts that allow to have an excellent grip in any situation. The anodization is well done, perfect on the whole flashlight it also helps in the grip.

The threads are anodized so I allow the physical lock out with the classic ¼ turn of the tailcap. They come well lubricated, they are very precise and flowing. At the end of the thread there is an o-ring which prevents water from entering the torch.

The Tailcap is flat and allows the use of the flashlight in the tailstand. Also this presents a polygonal processing that helps in the grip. Furthermore, there is a small ring for inserting the laynard.

At the negative pole we have a golden spring of good section and particularly robust while at the positive pole we have a golden lamellar.

The lettering is minimal but well done. We find it only in the head with the company logo (a bunny), the word "Lumintop" and the model of the torch "ODF30C".

The house declares the impermeability up to 2m depth and a resistance to impact from falls of 2m. In your hand the torch is very comfortable, you hold it well, the button is easily traceable even in full darkness and using gloves.

The power is entrusted to a cell 26650 (not supplied)

Some other shots with objects of common use ...

Other "acrobatic" shots ...

User interface

The UI is simple and totally controllable by means of the side button on the torch head. We have 3 General levels (Low, Med, High) and 5 Hidden levels (Turbo, Strobe/SOS/Beacon and Eco).

With the flashlight off:

  • With one click the ligh will access to the last stored level
  • By pressing the power button for two seconds, the flashlight will enter Eco mode
  • Pressing the power button for 4 seconds will have the electronic lock-out (repeat the same procedure for unlocking)

With the flashlight on:

  • With simple clicks you can cycle on the Low, Med and High levels.
  • With two quick clicks you will enter Turbo
  • If we are in Eco mode with two quick clicks we will pass to the Strobo Holding down the power button for two seconds will turn off the flashlight

As mentioned above the Lumintop ODF30C has the function of "Low Battery Reminder" that through the status LED located under the power button indicates when the cell voltage drops below 3V, and the "Intelligent Temperature Control Protection" function thermal protection that adapts the output if the produced heat is excessive.


Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The ODF30C beam is well designed and gives the torch diffusion characteristics. Nevertheless it tends not to disperse in the darkness and to remain focused enough. The shot is good, with its 3500 lumen the ODF30C manages to illuminate even over 100 meters away). Lumintop declares 19600cd and 280mt of maximum shooting. The beam is uniform, does not have particular color changes or artifacts. The color despite being a Cool White (at eye about 6500K) does not mind.

Below you will see some beamshot on the average/long distance.


Beamshot #1


Beamshot #2


Beamshot #3

Comparison between ODF30C and ODF30

There are a few of differences between ODF30 and ODF30C and we will now go to detail. The first of all is the presence, in the ODF30C, of an integrated charging port. Personally I would have preferred to have been implemented a TypeC charging interface as was also done for the Lumintop ODL20C evolution from the previous ODL20.

The ODF30C is slightly longer than (about 3mm), and its weight is around 161g against the 133 grams of the ODF30.

There are slight differences also aesthetically such as the dissipation fins and the ignition button recess.

The optical part has remained almost unchanged

Given the presence of the integrated micro USB port, the ODF30C switches to the IP68 waterproofing standard against IPX-8 of the ODF30 even though both can be immersed up to 2 meters deep. Impact resistance also varies with the ODF30C from 1.5m to 2 meters. Another small difference is in the contacts. In fact, while in the negative pole of the ODF30 there is a small metal tab, in the negative pole of the ODF30C there is a large spring which allows a greater passage of current.

At the positive pole, however, the ODF30C has a tab (similar to the one seen in the negative of the ODF30) while the ODF30 has a small golden spring

The output is also slightly different. In fact, using the same cell, in the ODF30C, the output was greater than about 50 lumens in the "Turbo" level and about 100 in the "High" level. This can be explained by the presence of contacts with larger sections and therefore more efficient for the passage of large amounts of current. Some other shots together with the "little sisters"

Final considerations

The Lumintop ODF30C is listed among the smallest, most compact and powerful EDCs with an existing 26650 power supply. Evolution of the previous version (ODF30) this model adds to its features the presence of a micro USB port for integrated charging. This choice surprised me because I expected, as also the name of the model left to hope (ie with the addition of the letter "C" at the end of the model name) that the ODF30C was equipped with a TypeC charging interface .

Excellent power, 3500 lm in the first few instants of ignition, which unfortunately inevitably tend to decline rapidly over time. Good regulation, as can be seen from the runtime curves.

User interface simple and easy to use. Temperature control works well. Unfortunately, there is no polarity reversal control system. The presence of an Eco level of 8 lumens, although not a real firefly level, is always convenient and in this case thanks to the 26650 battery power allows to reach over 250h of runtime.

I like the beam geometry and I find it particularly usable for different types of scenarios. The color is a Cool to eye on 6500K and do not mind.

To conclude I can confirm that the product is of quality just like the previous version. A torch beautiful aesthetically, powerful and impeccably made.

Thanks for reading!!!

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This strikes me as a good candidate as a "big lumen" gift light for a responsible non-flashaholic.  With the built in charging, low battery warning, and an appropriate cell, the giftee would only need to be instructed on making sure to charge the light when low.  I know you said the switch is easy to find in the dark, but I wish Lumintop would have made the light switch always illuminated for easy location in the dark.


Thanks for this review lock.

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Kinda surprised that no 26650 battery included? Thrunite TC20 And Cat V6 both came with and cheaper too. Both USB charge ports as well.

Good review.

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Great review and pictures! It is a very good size, feels good in the hand, and made of good materials, however I have to disagree that it is built “impeccably” as you said.

I own the ODF30 (previous version…) and the electronic button side switch has stopped working reliably. Sometimes it won’t come on at all, so I wait a couple secs and will push again and then it will enter turbo mode. Then i’ll hold it and it won’t turn off, I have to let off and push it again, etc… Never been dropped, only lightly used. Searching online I found a couple of others with this same problem, even on this ODF30C. I also reached out to Lumintop via email multiple times and not gotten any response.

So as far as I know they haven’t fixed the poor positioning or reinforcement of the driver near the button and it’s a major flaw for this light. This, with their terrible support & having to ship to China for repairs, I won’t be buying a Lumintop flashlight again unless they get their act together.

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That's a disappointment.  Actually, two disappointments.  Product and Support.  Please keep us posted on resolution (if ever happens.



Would you do us a favor and check to see if the switch retaining ring unscrews?  I would try to unscrew it by using a small rubber or silicone sheet and a socket with a similar diameter to the ring.   Surely, they anticipated that the switch boot will wear and need periodic replacement.  So hopefully not thread locked.

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hi guys,

i purchased this light from BANGGOOD and 2 days ago i receive it… BUT… i am very very lucky…

the light in the photo showed on this review is different from what i receive from banggood…

Nylon holster and Wrist strap are totally different

also, the logo on USB charge is NOT present and the color is different…

i have a FAKE light???

also, respect my FITORCH p25 this light is very hot when i use HIGH profile 1800 lumen… on TURBO much more… FITORCH also is hot, but not at this level… it’s normal???