help with project flashlight / focus

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help with project flashlight / focus


first, sorry for my translation .... I use the google translator.

the second, I just registered and I take this thread to introduce myself to you and to tell you that you have me here for what I can use.

the third, I need advice to make this flashlight / focus.

I explain.....


I will eliminate the electronic components that it assembles, since being Chinese, they will not be original or legit, and I will update them with driver cf-fx 30 + copper pbc + xhp70 ..... powered by 4 2s2p batteries. Below I explain the rest, but first some images so you can see the real spaces and sizes.



my project is to get a constant output of 1500mah + -, and that the batteries hold 3h / 4h. and the doubts that I have left are these:

Is there any functionality problem, if any, in housing the driver cf-fx 30 in the body, in the areas that I mark in the image?





if it can be accommodated without functional problems inside the body, but by measures not fit, you know of other drivers with the characteristics of cf-fx 30, smaller, ??


in the event that all of the above were negative, it would be possible to eliminate the driver and, I do not know what form, to cover the power output of the LED at 1500 lumens, but maintaining the constancy / intensity. ???


I imagine that the driver's button will have some switch or plug that will have to be fixed where it is installed, but I do not know what to look for. can you guide me ???


I have this same question in this forum....


 but I can not get them to answer my final doubts.


this is all ... you help me ???


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