Review: Klarus XT11X

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Review: Klarus XT11X

Klarus fully uses good funtctionality\constraction\design of XT model line, and keep on releasing variants with different LED\optic. This one, XT11X has unusual for tactic LED – XHP70.2 at the bottom of OP reflector.

You can buy Klarus XT11X at

CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, lifetime up to 50,000 Hours.
• Working Voltage: 3.0V-8.4V.
• Compatible Batteries: 1 × 18650 or 2 x CR123A or 2 x Klarus 16340.
• Reflector: Orange Peel.
• Lens:Hardened Mineral Glass; AR coated; Scratch resistant.
• Switch: Tactical Tailcap Dual-Switch + Side Switch.
• Dimensions: Head – 41.0mm (1.61”) diameter Body – 25.4mm (1.00”) diameter Length – 150.8mm (5.94”)
• Weight: 136g (4.78oz) without battery.
• Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing.
• Accessories Included: 1 x Micro-USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Spare O-ring, 1 x Klarus 18650 Battery, 1 x Nylon Holster, 1 x Clip.
• Optional Accessories: FT11X Filters(RED/GREEN/BLUE), TRS1 Remote Switch.


Package is really, really good for such price tag flashlight, you`d expect such one from something about 100$. Excellent design and build quality. Just compare it with box of old XT11S

Package incudes usuall set of XT11X itself, 3100mah battery, holster, micro-usb cable, manual, lanyard.

And small “buy more, more” promo print.

Traditionally, holster is good. I rarely meet bad ones with products above 30-40$. Above this range they are equally good.

And here is Klarus XT11X itself. Visually it is the same as other XT model line brothers. As I mentioned above, the initial construction was so good that it is being used for years.

Size is typical for tactics. 142×34.9×25.4mm and 142,6g weight (without battery). It is already more than EDC, but still ok to carry around within jacket pocket.

Compare it to all known C8.

As I mentioned above, design is good. From the 1st sight you see it`s brand thing, not powerful strategical flashlight from ali, bearing countless lumens from undischargable battery.
Matte black anodizing.

Knurling is regular small rhombic, but there are some quite deep 3cm long grooves, that add a lot to firmness of grip, which is convenient.

There are primary and additional button at the tailcap. Access to both of them is good. Tailstand is bad, but I seriously don’t know anyone who uses it.
Clip has only one position. That is not a serious problem, but I don’t understand why Klarus didn’t made additional place for it as this would be soo simple. One more strange thing is absence of tactical ring, feature that almost all the tactical flashlights have. Strange again.

There is a double spring at the tailcap. There more and more bright lights that use such springs now, so time of bypass with wire soldered to spring seem to be gone.

Of course, there is a tail at the head side.

As XT11X is being run by 2 buttons at the tail, there is additional shell pressed inside primary body. Last one is glued to head, but applying some force you can disassemble it. Actually, there is no interesting there.

Threads are well lubricated

Cover of charge port is thick and tight. No problems with dive session in jar with water. A guy I know, who owns XT11S dropped it from boat, and dive down to bottom to get flashlight back, no water got inside it.

Side button is about 0.3mm above body surface and clicky. I don’t feel there will be a problem with finding and pressing it with gloves on.

Cooling ribs are deep, but not numeral. I feel like klarus could fit a pair more there at the head.

Glass is like always, toughened and AR.

Bezel is sharp, 7mm above glass. Easily removable. It`s neat at cleen under reflector, got nothing bad to say. Again, unusual choice of XHP70.2 and OP reflector. Unusual, I mean, for tactic flashlight. I don’t remember anything similar. Most single-cell 70.2 flashlights are 26650 powered. Anyway, I think that`s good as there are undoubtly lot of people who would like to get more sidelight and brightness rather then throw from flashlight like this.

Insides are accurate.

Overall impression is mostly positive. Excellent appearance and box, build quality should be good as well. There is just one minor bad – clip with only one position.

May be Klarus wasn’t 1st company which implemented separate group settings, but, no doubts, 1st to popularize it. I really like their flexible UI, which I suppose to be best for tactical lights.
So, again, 2 groups, tactic and outdoor. Main difference:
Tactic has strobe activated by additional button at tailcap (low at outdoor setting) and skip mid mode here.
And at outdoor setting, when you choose mode with this button, mode order is ascending, though it is descending at any other mode cycle method here.

outdoor setting

This time, switching between setting is simple. Just hold sidebutton and additional button at tailcap for more then 3 sec. light will blink. 1 time for tactical setting, 2 times for outdoor.

When OFF, press and hold side button 5 sec, XT11X will blink 2 times.
Unlock – 3 qiuck clicks this button.
Tailcap button are working in this locking mode. You have to turn tailcap off little bit.

Battery indication.
When you turn light on, small LED in button glows for 5 seconds, showing the rest of charge.
Green – 70-100%
Orange 30-70%
Red – less then 30%
Red blink less – then 10%

I like everything here besides reverse mode. Well, i`m not one of target audience for tactical lights, so I cannot judge it.


CW light, as you can expect. But not that cold in reality.
NO visible PWM-shimmering.
Good sidelight, no surpise.

1A charge amperage. Not bad, but why not 2A?

And here is an interesting part. Manual says that 3200 is only for included battery. Other ones will limit turbo to 2000lum. 2xCR123\16340 to 1500.
In my case, I inserted my button-top VTC6, and got exactly 4times more then High.. And VTC6 IS a high draing battery.
Then I put Klarus battery – thing was as they were suppose to be.
I run cell bounce test, and klarus battery got 2 time more lums from XT11X than VTC6…That was a miracle. I spent a lot of time in attempts to figure out the logic of it. Then I decided to take fresh flat-top VTC (5\5a\6 – all of them) from box and try Klarus XT11X with them. Yeah, turbo was like it stated.

So, then, I also tested other batteries. Situation is strange, all the non-VTC battery aren’t powerful enough to get stated turbo, they can only reach 50% of it. And that are high-drain cells: 25R, HG2, HE4, 18650GA…they should be good enough for such turbo in 1×18650 mode.
But, in reality, only VTC and Klarus battery (suppose there is exactly VTC cell inside) manage to reach full potential of this flashlight.
Ok, lets take a look at chart.
With no cooling we it is 1.4min in turbo, then stepdonw. One more strange thing here is “sawteeth” here with Klarus battery. If it was thermal regulation like it should be, with VTC pic would be the same. I run test twice for each of them, and both time there was sawteeth with included battery and no with VTC. Here. I`ve got no explanation for this. Strange situation that I haven’t witnessed before.

Of course, High is stabilized. That`s mostly because naming 400lum mode as HIGH is nonsence. I have no idea about such giant gap between turbo and high. Nevertheless, in real use 400lum is quite ok, in range of like 20-30m you can 100% rely on this mode.

About 15m

About 40m

About 50-60m

100m. I evaluate this distance is limit to real use, you can get some light further, but as it is has more sidelight than throw , light will just dissolve at further distance (though you can still say – “yeah, that`s my Jeep” from like 200m range.) Within 100m range, everything is clearly seen. If you want more throw – check other XT models.

As for tactical flashlight, XT11X is very bright. It inherits most of the best sides of XT model line.
“Most”, because I, personally, dont like reverse mode (though, in outdoor setting you may use ascending mode order with tailcap additional button).
I have no explanation why all none-VTC and but still definitely high-drain cells limit max output (at least manual warns about it) and don’t feel that in real use that`ll be problems as this level is bright quite stabilized for turbo.
+ appearance (real gift-package and XT11X itself)
+ build quality
+ brightness
+ 1А charge amperage

+\- UI. I like everything in it besides reverse mode order. There is a bunch of shortcuts to low-turbo-strobe, UI itself is flexible. If you is not about “click-click-click” using, that is not a big deal for you. I also must notice that i`m not the one who would use assault mode setting, and admit that for such needs reverse mode order may be better choice. And outdoor setting allows you to use ascending mode order

- gap between TURBO-HIGH can include 1-2 more brightness levels.

you can buy Klarus XT11X here there with coupon XT11Xru price`ll be 65.99USD

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I think Klarus makes some great lights, they really need to work on their mode spacing like you spoke of. My XT1A goes from 80 lumen to 1000. My G10 from 400 lumen to 1800. Horrible spacings. Output on “turbo” is really good though.

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i also have XT1A and treat this one like small assistant to full-scale flashlight

in most of cases 80 is enough. but, yeah, something intermadiate like 200-300 would be cool.

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I wonder if you can fix that issue by flashing marsil on them ?

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Recently I bought the XT11X, and indeed I find the mode spacing and UI horrible. They should really resolve that. A Turbo mode is nice for the specs (and sales), but in real life it would make more sense to have a longer-lasting high mode of 1600 and move the Turbo to a momentary button.

For outdoor use, something like:

  • Primary switch: on/off (memorize last mode), half press to change mode, double tap to strobe
  • Mode switch: momentary turbo
  • Side switch: same as primary switch