[Review] - Imalent BG10 - Bike Flashlight, XHP50, 2300lm, OLED Display, USB - by Lock

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[Review] - Imalent BG10 - Bike Flashlight, XHP50, 2300lm, OLED Display, USB - by Lock

Hi guys !!! With this review today we see the Imalent BG10: a small and high-performance bicycle torch. The flashlight was sent to me by Imalent specifically for the review. 


You can buy it from here: https://imalentstore.com/product/bg10

using this coupon: "ENAR10% discount off - Free Shipping



Packaging and content:

The Imalent BG10 comes in a small pack of hard cardboard with all the main features of the product on it. The package includes:

• The "BG10"

• Bike Mount

• 2000mAh 26350 battery

• USB cable for charging

• User Manual

• 2x replacement O-ring


Main Features

•The multi-functional OLED display can show various parameters and settings.

•Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

•Size: 77mm (length)*37 mm (head diameter) *60 mm (body diameter)

•Net weight (battery included): 111g

•High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness

•Anti-reverse battery protection

•Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness to ensure comfort

•Ultra-clear tempered glass lens. Coated with toughed ultra-clear minerals and anti-reflective coating.

•Aluminium OP reflector

•Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment

•IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 metres submersible)

•1.5m impact resistant




Output Levels and Runtime

The Imalent BG10 has 4 normal brightness levels (including the Turbo) + 1 Special (Strobe) + 2 hidden levels that can be activated only when the flashlight is charging:

Turbo: 2300-800 (measured 1740lm) – 4+55 min

High: 1200-800 lm (measured 1048lmlm) – 8+69min

Middle: 500 lm (measured 490lm) – 1h33min

Low: 250 lm (measured 350lm) – 2h16min

Hidden Levels: 250-400lm (measured 300-395lm)

It is possible to use the flashlight even during the charging phase. In this case only the two hidden levels of 250 and 400 lm will be available.

Following the runtime curve on the "Turbo" and "High" levels

User Interface

The User Interface is very simple and easy to remember. Thanks to the rubber switch placed above it is possible to cycle through the various levels and access the Strobo.

Power On / Off and Level Selection: To turn the flashlight on or off, just click the button. When the flashlight is on, keeping the button pressed for 0.3sec, the flashlight will switch off. To change the level, with the flashlight on, just click to cycle the levels as follows Low-Mid-High-Turbo.

Access to the Strobe: with the torch on, press the button twice consecutively to access the Strobe.

Charging indicator: pressing the switch three times, when the torch is off, the display will show the instantaneous voltage of the battery.

Activation and deactivation of the automatic brightness adjustment function: The BG10 has installed a special brightness sensor that allows the output to be decreased automatically if a light source is detected in front of it. This function is useful when crossing other vehicles and therefore avoids the glare problem. The activation of this mode is very simple and it is done with the flashlight off by keeping the switch pressed for about three seconds. The word ON / OFF will appear on the display, indicating that the automatic brightness control mode is active or not.

Intelligent Thermal Control: When using the torch on high levels, such as Turbo, the temperature increases dramatically. When 50 ° C is reached, the torch automatically reduces the output to the 900lm level, avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts. An overheat symbol will flash 8 times every 20 seconds on the OLED display.


The body and the materials

The Imalent BG10 is a small torch designed to be used exclusively on the handlebars of a bicycle. The powerful LED that is equipped (XHP50) allows you to have an incredible output power to the Turbo even if only usable for a few minutes.

The design is catchy and the lines are aggressive, really beautiful aesthetically.

The anodization is perfect, smooth and opaque. On the side there are a series of dissipation fins which guarantee a good heat dispersion.

The reflector is made of aluminum with orange peel finish, the lens has anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment. The bezel is electric blue color, well made, protruding enough, effectively protects the lens

At the front there is a semi-circle in plastic that partially covers the lens. Here is a brightness sensor that, if active, adjusts the output according to circumstances. If, for example, other vehicles cross paths and the sensor detects an increase in brightness towards its direction, the BG10 will automatically lower the output to avoid glare. This feature can be easily disabled as we have seen previously. Moreover, the fact that the semicircle is in that position makes one think that part of the light is reflected downwards, where it is needed, without useless dispersions upwards.

At the top of the flashlight is the switch, the charging port and a small OLED display

below there is the hooking system that allows you to connect the BG10 to the handlebar mount.

The switch is made of rubber, slightly protruding, wide and very easy to find even with gloves. At the pressure it makes a nice click, it is very precise and reactive. To activate it you must make a good pressure.

The charging interface consists of two golden concentric rings. To charge the battery, just use the proprietary USB cable. There is a magnet that facilitates the positioning of the connector. The complete recharging operation is approximately 5 hours.

The OLED display is located in the immediate vicinity of the switch and is small enough. Once inserted the battery we will see the word "Imalent" for a couple of seconds. It also shows information such as: current output level, the instantaneous cell voltage and the charge / discharge battery indication The lettering is well made and present only in the queue with the brand and model of the product, the inscription "Smart-Adapt Bicycle Light and the CE certification logo.

The only part of the torch that can be disassembled is the cap in the tail that allows access to the battery compartment.

The threads are anodized, arrive well lubricated and are smooth and precise. Physical lockout of the interface is allowed by slightly unscrewing the tailcap.

At the negative pole we have a large golden spring, while at the positive pole a small slightly protruding button.

26350 (or 18350 with adapter) cells can be used, making sure that these are neither too long nor too short. Before use, we must remember to remove the insulating disk between the spring and the battery.

Below is a detail of the cell supplied:

To mount the BG10 on the handlebars of the bicycle there is a support in silicone and plastic. Once installed, the torch can easily be unhooked by levering on the special release pin and, by sliding it backwards, it can be removed.

A soft rubber strap, thanks to its elasticity, allows you to firmly tighten the support of the BG10 to the handlebars of the bicycle.

The mount allows the rotation of the flashlight 360 degrees along the horizontal axis. The screw that sees you in the lower part of the support can be tightened with a screwdriver to adjust or completely block the rotation.

Some shots with the BG10 mounted on the bike ...

The light is guaranteed as waterproof according to the IPX8 standard. Impact resistance is given up to 1.5m in height.


Fascio, Tinta e Beamshots

The tint of the BG10 is Cool around 6000K, uniform and slightly yellow especially on the low levels. The beam is quite flood, wide but with a lively and very intense spot. The spill is bright and allows you to see the road well even on the medium/low levels Following some Nightshot with the light mounted on the handlebars of the bike


Final considerations

BG10 is a good product with interesting features.

Personally I find the aggressive design given by the particular shape and the abundant and deep dissipation fins present everywhere on the torch body very beautiful.

The power on the High and Turbo level is good even if it can only be used for a few minutes.

The adjustment is excellent. The dissipation is excellent, the heat is dissipated on the body evenly and by bike the aeration certainly helps in the cooling of the flashlight.

The interface is very simple, with every click you have the variation of the level. There is no direct access to the Turbo.

Of course I would have liked if there was also a level lower than the low level (for example 20-40 lumens). In this case the BG10 could be used for many hours as a position light to make itself visible in poorly lit streets without having to use the 250 lumens of the Low level.

The brightness sensor performs its duty very well and allows you not to bother the vehicles that come in front of you. It is easy to activate and deactivate, just a click.

Convenient the presence of an integrated charging system that allows you to charge the battery without having to remove it from the torch. Furthermore, it is allowed to turn on the torch during the recharging phase so it will be possible to increase the runtime, for example, by using a powerbank. In this case the usable levels will be only 2 (250 and 400 lumens).

The materials are quality, the finishes are cured and the abundant thicknesses. The support is discreet. The rubber strap for locking is well done and I hope that with the heat / cold and with the various elements it does not deteriorate quickly.

Beautiful the possibility of being able to rotate the flashlight 360 °.

The tint is beautiful, the beam is ideal to illuminate the road surface well even if you proceed at high speed.

Thank you for reading!!

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