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EDC knives

what kinda knives do you guys carry? what do you wanna carry? please share

personally I usually carry my Benchmade griptillian but i can be found with a composite Kershaw leek, spyderco endura clipit from the 90s, or a spyderco tenacious. (i have many other knives but these are my favorites i have)

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Right now this is my carry knife.

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I currently EDC a Kershaw Knockout 1870OLBK.

Here's a thread about my favorite knives:


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I’m old fashioned. I’ve always liked Old Timer pocket knives. I have a Kershaw at home, as well as several cheaper knives lying around. Now, I EDC a Buck 371. It’s a three blade Stockman pocket knife. It looks like this:

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I carry around a 2 blade knife very similar to Davids above. I will also carry a Kershaw Intellect, Ganzo FH11, a Ganzo auto I can’t remember the model of or a Buck 290. Lots of great budget and not so budget blades out now days. I have a whole drawer full of other knives but those are my EDC’s.

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I normally carry a small folder but lately I carried small fixed blade.
My current carry is CRKT Minimalist.

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On my side I have a gerber multitool. On my right pocket I have a SOG assisted opener. in my left pocket I have a old (pre sell out) oldtimer stockman.

The old timer I found laying on an ac unit of a bank I got called to do some electrical work on. It’s the weirdest knife I’ve seen. I have a few old timers but this one the smallest blade is stainless while the other 2 are mild steel like all my other old timers.

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SAK SwissChamp in a Zermatt holster with sharpening steel for 5 years this Christmas. I have some nice knives, but like the multi-tool concept. For 10 years prior, it was the Leatherman Super Tool v.1. It’s more robust than SAK, but it does less.

I was in Los Angeles visiting family for 3 weeks and brought a carry on, so no knives.

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Zero Tolerance 0560bw, 0620cf, and 0450cf are mainly what I carry. I like my Benchmade 940-1 and Contego 810 (would love this one a lot more if it was centered and quit seizing up every few weeks) as well.

As for what I’d like to carry production wise, a lot more ZT’s and knives from designers that use WE for production. Custom, serveral Gavko, Tuff knives, Black Snow, Marfione, CMF, and a ton more.

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Left hip, left pocket, right pocket

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I have a rotation between my Benchmades, Zero Tolerance and Reate knives.
Not a fan of Spyderco

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Like a few others I am on a rotation of what strikes my fancy when I am filling up the pockets in the morning.

The last few days it has been the Benchmade 940 because it matches the green on my emisar D4. Smile Most of my rotation is ZT and Benchmade, with a few other smaller makers thrown in to make things interesting.

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Old US made Gerber

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Skeletool CrX 154CM, everyday utility carry. Slip modified.

Techno copy D2 Ti, casual wear. Slip modified.

Malyshev Gnome D2 Ti, smart dress. Slip modified.

Black Talon II CTS-XHP, drinking, shopping etc.  LOL