Olight M1T review (500lm, CR123A)

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Olight M1T review (500lm, CR123A)


This review will be dedicated to an interesting flashlight from Olight, the M1T.

Link to the flashlight page on Olight website

So, what do I find interesting about this light?

1. New knurling. This is something not seem from Olight or any other manufacturer (correct me if I’m wrong). It really looks nice and innovative.
2. Really easy operation, one tailcap button.
3. Price – the price that is currently listed at Olight website is 39.99$, which is really nice for a light with a 5 year warranty.

Let’s start?

The light comes in a small white carton box, styled similar to all recent Olight lights.

The light comes with a lanyard, user manual and a CR123A battery pre-intstalled.

The light is being controlled by a single button, located at the tailcap. Please note that the button itsels is made from some sort of high quality feeling plastic, and the part that you actually press is made of resin/silicone. The button feels really nice to click, and the click itself is really soft, but far from silent.

The light feels really nice to hold and behold, with the high quality we expect from Olight. Please note that the knurling on the tailcap is in vertical direction, allowing an easy tailcap removing operation.

The battery comes preinstalled and a plastic spacer is being used. The threads come well lubricated.

*Operation: *

The light is very easy to operate. The light is controlled by a forward clickie switch. You can switch modes before you actually turn the light on by half-pressing the button, and a full press will turn it constantly on. If you turn the light on and of in a period of time less then 2 seconds it will switch modes, if the time erion is more than 2 seconds it will always start on low brightness mode.

Here you can download the user manual

Lets see it in action?

Well, for those of us unspoiled by multi thousand lumen flashlights it will provide plenty reasons to be proud of. The low mode is enough for a close range illumination, the tint of the light is nice – looks very neutral and far from being cold. TIR optics makes a great job – no artifacts are detected, there is a well defined hotspot, surrounded by an even flood.

Conclusion, final words

A really nice light. I like a lot in this light, I think it would be a great addition to any collection an a great backup light as well.

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Modding question is the bezel screwed like X7 or press fit?

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I got one free from the Olight Black Friday sale. Nice little light. I notice mine has a crenulated bezel . All the pics I see have a smooth bezel . By the way , thanks for the review !

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Nice review. I got one as bonus from purchasing a few other lights. Even though I do not use CR123A based lights this will be great addition to collection just to have.

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Conclusion, final words

A really nice light. I like a lot in this light, I think it would be a great addition to any collection an a great backup light as well.

Wow, just what I needed Santa! Another backup light.
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Thank you for the great review viperxp.

There are two versions of the Olight M1T Raider.

When I ordered it the only version of the M1T Raider available in USA is the “tactical” one : (a) modes are HI 500 lumen (first) then LOW (5 lumen) and (b) blue bezel ring has mild crenulations.
Here is a BLF forum review of that version:
BLF review of USA/tactical version M1T

One of the product questions on Olightworld.com address this too:
Question from John Paul – 26/08/2018
- Hi, I just want to ask how come the reviews on youtube is different from the actual product? 90% says that the default firing mode is high (mine is low) and the look on youtube has a toothed head while the actual product has a smooth head? what is the updated version of this product? is it the one on youtube or the one on the website?

OLIGHT answer:
There are two versions of M1T, one version is the US version with the toothed head and its default mode is high; another is the universal version with the smooth head and its default mode is low. Our website olightworld.com is facing to the world and olightstore.com is facing to US. This explains why you see two versions in different websites.

The pictures of the M1T Raider on olightworld.com only shows the non-USA version (i.e. low-HI mode order and smooth bezel) that is reviewed above by viperxp.

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I just got a email from olight
50% off this light $20 for next 23 hours 4/19/2019
Great deal if you want one

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it is way too big for a cr123a light!

you could get an 18650 in all that space

(smallness is my number 1 feature in a light)

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Excellent review of a great little light. I own both versions of the M1T and EDC regularly. I am very fond of both versions. I just picked up two for gifts with Olight RCR123 batteries for $50.00 including shipping. An exceptional deal.

Great deal here today only:


Items Qty Price
M1T Raider

SKU: M1T EU#0CA60X-Normal version

Standard Edition-Crenulated Bezel
1 $19.95
M1T Raider

SKU: M1T EU#0CA60X-Special version

Special Edition-Flat/Smooth Bezel
1 $19.95
RCR123A Lithium-ion Battery


2 $11.00

Subtotal $50.90
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Grand Total $50.90

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