Flash sale for new Olight pistol light/Laser combo

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Flash sale for new Olight pistol light/Laser combo

Olights new pistol light/Laser combo goes on sale October 29th. Get 35% off during their flash sale (limit 2) for a total of just below $85 each. “The PL-2RL Baldr is the red laser version of the PL-2 Valkyrie. Powered by two high capacity cr123a batteries it deliveres a 1200 lumen output with a 235 meter throw that is still wide enough to see the area around you. The laser can be adjusted to a perfect zero with your firearm With an alternate 400 lumen output on low for use indoors. The PL-2RL is IPX6 rated. It has a constant on as well as momentary and strobe setting. Also,check out the “Post and Win” promotion in the pics below. Here’s the purchase link – https://goo.gl/CPFPfv