Modded a cheap AE flashlight.

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Modded a cheap AE flashlight.

As the weather turned sour, got busy modding a set of SkyWolfEye TLY-327. These I had purchased thru AliExpres for about $3 each. I needed a small penlight with simple UI for the occasional search about drawers, under furniture and other house tasks. Although they gave an adequate light (albeit aggressive 6500º k), single-use alkalines are not cost effective. Having one mode only, the light would dim with use. How many alkalines I have thrown out at 1.35 volts – given their rather short life.
With a Nanjg AK-47A driver and some Samsungs LH351D, I rebuilt the units. Very pleasing tint and Guppy DRV firmware set at 3 modes (5, 50 & 100%), the flashlights are just great! Best UI: single click ON or OFF, half press for levels, with memory.
With 3×7135s the LEDs give 420 lm. At about 3 watts dissipation the little hosts never heat up.

Galley here

On another note, I’m looking for a budget thrower. As I’m taken over with Narsil (and derivatives) firmware, I’ll be changing the driver. So a cheap utility light that can dissipate the heat. None of this turbo stepdown in the seconds (fixed timed or thermal). I’ve got a penchant for the mini can style light. JKK03 is a strong contender. Given the primary use is outdoors in an urban setting, perhaps the rainbow artifacts of the XHP70.2 can be neglected. May use the OP reflector to somewhat blend those. One major drawback, the unit’s dimensions doesn’t have much in modding parts: best guess about 42 mm diameter reflector, perhaps the driver / MCPCB about 40 mm? But has an added bonus – a USB charger and 10 Wh power bank – for those times the phone dies out.