REVIEW - Rofis R3 - rechargeable multipurpose rotating head - 18650 battery

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REVIEW - Rofis R3 - rechargeable multipurpose rotating head - 18650 battery

Review copy was sent in by Rofislight to me here in Italy, whom I thank very much.
Site page:

as I explained in RofisMR30 review, I’ve got this flashlight to review only now, due to problems in shipments

so, after MR30 , here’s to you (belatedly)…

Rofis R3 (and sorry for my bad English!)

RofisLight, continuing in the R series, new adjustable multi-angle head flaslights, after the first, the R1 (16340 / CR123A), released in 2017, placed on the market the R2 (14500 / AA) and the R3 (18650), the biggest of the bunch:
here all three magnetic sisters:

in following image are briefly summarized all the R3’s characteristics and operation modes (according to RofisLight):

dimensions at 0 and 90 degrees positions:

here’s the full text of the instructions manual:
Main Features:

  • Flashlight head and body can be adjusted from 0-90 degrees. Convenient and practical.
  • Magnetic USB charging.
  • Ergonomic design, perfect for different usage needs.
  • Uses a CREE XM-L2 U3 LED (optional colour temperature: NW 5000 K or CW 6500 K).
  • Uses an 18650 lithium-ion batter; Max 1250 lumens output.
  • Has charging indicator, power detection, low battery reminder, active temperature control circuit, etc.
  • Magnetic base connector supports attachment to metal objects.
  • Rotary head and magnetic base connector can be combined with headlight band and clip, and used in numerous scenarios.

Usage Instructions

I Before Use
When using for the first time, please unscrew the tail cap and remove the plastic insulation tab from the flashlight.
Please charge the flashlight battery completely before using for the first time. Battery performance will be better if it is fully charged.
Installing the Battery
Unscrew the tail cap and insert the battery inside the flashlight with the battery’s positive terminal facing inwards and the negative terminal facing the flashlight tail cap. After inserting the battery, tighten the tail cap to complete installation.
1) Before charging, make sure the battery has been properly loaded into the flashlight, and the tail cap has been tightened;
2) Connect one end of the charging cable to the flashlight charging port, and insert the other end of the charging cable into the USB power port. The charging indicator will light up, indicating the battery is charging normally.
3) If the indicator turns red, it indicates the battery is charging; if it turns green, it indicates the battery is fully charged.
(The flashlight can only turn on Low mode while charging; Only 18650 lithium battery is allowed to charge.)

II Operation Instructions
Switching on/off
Press the button to switch on/off the flashlight. When switched on, the flashlight turns on at the last used Memory Brightness mode. Memory Brightness modes include: Low brightness, Medium brightness and High brightness.
Changing Brightness Mode
After switching on the flashlight, long press and hold the button for more than 1 second; the flashlight enter “Low – Medium – High” modes in a cycle. Release the button to select the current brightness mode.
Turbo Mode
When the flashlight is either switched on or off, rapidly double-press the button, the flashlight enters Turbo mode.
Moonlight Mode
When the flashlight is switched off, long press the button for 2 seconds, the flashlight enters Moonlight Mode.
Special Mode
1)Strobe: Under any status, press the button rapidly and continuously to enter the Strobe mode.
2)Strobe-SOS mode: After entering the Strobe mode, long press the button for more than 1 second, to enter the SOS mode. Long press the button again for more than 1 second to enter Strobe mode.

III Other Functions
Lock and Unlock Function
Lock: When the flashlight is switched off, long press the button for more than 3 seconds (the flashlight changes from Moonlight mode on to off, and flashes twice) to completely lock the flashlight.
Unlock: When the flashlight is locked, long press the button for more than 3 seconds, the flashlight enters Low mode, indicating the flashlight is unlocked and can be used normally.
Battery Power Detection
When the 18650 lithium-ion battery is first installed into the flashlight, the flashlight will detect battery power automatically.
If the green indicator turns off after 2 seconds, it indicates the battery power is greater than 40%; if the red indicator turns off after 2 seconds, it indicates the battery power is less than 40%.
Low Battery Prompt
In the flashlight working state, when 18650 li-ion battery power is too low (<10%), the flashlight red indicator flashes rapidly to remind the user.
Magnetic Attachment Function
The R3 flashlight has a powerful magnetic connector in its base, enabling it to easily attach to metallic objects.
Remove the clip (not required) from the flashlight, and install the flashlight into the silicone case on the headlamp band, and use as a headlamp after adjusting.

IV Notes
1)Please use a soft cloth to clean the flashlight threading every 6 months, and lubricate the threading with silicone oil.
2)When the flashlight is not used for a long time, please remove the battery and store separately, to avoid damaging the flashlight and battery.

In case of any quality problem within 15 days of purchase of this product, you can ask for free replacement from the dealer. You can enjoy 5 years’ free warranty service from the date of purchasing this product. After the 5-year free warranty has expired, the product has a lifetime limited warranty service, and only costs are chargeable if any part needs to be replaced.
This warranty does not apply in the following cases:
1)Intentional user damage, dismantling or modification of the product.
2)Product damaged due to incorrect usage.
3)Product damaged due to battery leakage.
To avail ROFIS warranty service, please contact your local dealer or send an email to

Contact Us
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.
Tel.: +86-755-82552272
Email address:
Official website:
Mainland China office address: No. 2990 Songbai Road, Shiyan, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

Here’s how it comes and what’s coming:


as you can see above, R3 package has a cover, like a book, held steady, in the closed position, by a small magnet placed inside the box:

inside the box: flashlight with included “18650 3400 mAh li-ion battery marked Rofis”: (flashlight with clip (6 g) and battery (52 g) total weight: 128 g) – USB-magnetic charging cable – headband – lanyard – two spare 18/20 O-rings – user manual in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese – warranty card

inside flashlight 18650 3400 mAh protected battery (according Rofis specifications: weight 52 g – diameter 18,5 mm. – lenght. 68,8 mm. – Discharge Current: 5.1A), with the negative terminal protected by contacts by a transparent plastic tab

Battery details:

battery positive terminal:

I tested R3 with 18650 flat-top Samsung Q30 (65 cm length), in my possession, and it works

while charging, red indicator in the middle of the button lights up; green indicator lights up when charging is been completed:

charge time for battery completely discharged with the supplied USB-magnetic cable attached to PC is a about 3 hours
charging current reaches max. 1,5 A

flashlight is equipped with Low Voltage Protection circuit

flashlight exterior look:


glass AR treatment, GITD ring, smooth reflector and CREE XM-L2 U3 led (review sample is NW 5000 K option):

GITD ring after a few seconds using flashlight:

tailcap detail:

body thickness:

contact to positive terminal detail:

threads detail (sliding and lubricate)

the rotation of the head in R3 is much more fluid than in R1 and R2

flashlight charging magnetic port:

some contents of the little white box:

flashlight with attached lanyard:

when battery power is too low, red light start flashing:

dimensional comparison with some 18650 flashlights in my possession (from left: Zebralight SC600w MkII L2, Convoy S3, Armytek Wizard, Rofis R3, Convoy L4, Solarforce L2P, Emisar D4):

closer dimensional comparison between Armytek Wizard (56 g without battery and clip – no magnetic tailcap) and Rofis R3 (70 g without battery and clip – magnetic tailcap)

and with headbands:

some closer details:

with clip mounted upside down

my runtime test (indoor – temp. 20°C – Rofis 18650 battery):


other tests:

PWM: no, neither at low level;

its first little bath:

after half an hour soaking, (condition much more difficult than possible in real use, in my opinion), I don’t detect any infiltration or trace of condensation)

Some indoor beamshots (shoot distance from wall: 50 cm.; spill diameter at this distance is about 92 cm.:

spill angle:

Holding flashlight parallel to the ground at a height of one meter, spill starts at about 120 cm. from feet

Outdoor beamshots:
daytime scene:

linear usage:

headlamp usage:

Drawing conclusions from my tests with Rofis R3, in my opinion, real throw is about 100 meters (turbo mode)

color beam difference between 5000 K (Rofis R3) and 6500K (Rofis MR30)

beam difference between TIR lens – Warm – Armytek Wizard Pro XM-L2 T6 and smooth reflector – Neutral White – Rofis R3 XM-L2 U3:


What I like:

  • multi-angle rotary head;
  • possibility of use as a headlamp (headband included) and a range of infinite usages;
  • CW (6500 K) and NW (5000 K) leds, bother available: I’ve chosen a NW color version;
  • 18650 protected rechargeable battery included;
  • excellent anodization – excellent grip / handling;
  • solid construction;
  • strong magnetic tail-cap ( I would have preferred it to be removable though);
  • sliding threads;
  • responsive button in a balanced way;
  • output max 1250 lm (turbo mode);
  • good clip;
  • lock/unlock function;
  • battery charge level indication;
  • low battery reminder;
  • temperature control circuit;
  • moonlight mode, accessible with light off;
  • LVP protection circuit for use with unprotected cells, which near the lower limit value of the voltage, stops the supply;
  • Strobe-SOS modes;
  • aesthetic;
  • very interesting price, considering the constructive level, functions and equipment;
  • tailstand possibility

What I don’t:

  • in comparison with my loved Armytek Wizard, it’s heavier and bigger, with weight and dimensions which limit its use as a headlamp;
  • in the dark sometimes it’s difficult to immediately find with finger the flashlight button;
  • I would prefer less fluid rotation of the head, like R1, avoiding unwanted head movements, in usage as an headlamp, caused by running or bike shakes;
  • Mid mode output (230 lm) is, for my usages, a bit low: i would preferred 300 lm.;
  • smooth reflector (I prefer OP one, for greater spot that gradually blends with spill).

At last my final evaluation:

Would I recommend it? Yes, to whom needs a multipurpose flashlight, an headlamp included, with only a caveat for the last usage, (IMHO): due to magnetic tailcap, helpful in other usages, for my tastes, R3 is slightly heavy, and for this reason I would preferred a removable magnet.
It is a nice multipurpose flashlight, to be kept at home or in a garage/car or for outdoor use, with good autonomy – suitable for those who practice hiking and camping, and other endless everyday uses, constructively solid, and it seems right priced, considering equipment and functionalities.

Thanks for reading/watching my review (the eleven I did, but the second in BLF) and forgive my bad English.

I leave you with some pictures:

Coming soon Rofis R2 – rechargeable multipurpose rotating head – 14500/AA batteries review

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Thanks for the review. I like this light . Have found it diverse and handy . I think your English is fine

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TKS! Thumbs Up