Review: Mateminco MT70 aka Astrolux MF02S - best searchlight i`ve owned

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Review: Mateminco MT70 aka Astrolux MF02S - best searchlight i`ve owned

UPD. Yes, i call this flashlight best searchlight. I`ve tested models with better UI and throw , but combination of price, brightness and throw, overall build quality makes this flashlight SO good for me that i label it best.

That`s a very (for searchlight, not for flooder) bright and impressively throwing searchlight with rare combination of LED and reflector, which here are XHP70.2 and huge SMO. As a result – decent sidelight and surprising throw, which you may not expect from LED typically used for flooders and compact mid-range 26650 lights.

Not a long time ago I reviewed similar thing, Imalent RT70. And as I expected something not that far from Convoy L6, I was astonished. Of course, I had tested most powerful long-throwers on the market – BLF GT, TN42, MK35, ODL20C, Maxtoch Shooter – great flashlights. But, no surprise, each of them is a “piercer”, with almost no sidelight, unlike to RT70.

So, I decided to try fortune with Mateminco MT70. This brand is best known fo producing Astrolux for Banggod.
so, you can buy Astrolux MF02S \ Mateminco MT70 here at aliexpress or banggood


It is quite far from being a design thing, just big white box with golden outline of MT70. For a gift – that`s not a good choice, for personal use – as long as flashlight is good, who cares. .
Package includes regular set of flashlight, o-ring, lanyard, manual and holster. A reasonable and great addition is shoulder strap. Surprisingly how many times I tested heavy and expensive flashlight with no shoulder included, cheap and so useful thing

Holster is good, i`ve got nothing bad to say about this part of package.

Lanyard is cheap, but reliable.

And manual…manual is like spit in face of customer. The only way manufacture could make it worse is to print it on toilet paper. Used one.

You pay 100+ $ and get cheap paper with muddy print. Ok, at least you can understand most of info here, most – but not all. The beginning of UI is out manual, like it was paper jam in printer.

That is worst manual i`ve seen. And I believe will see ever. I was lucky to find good pic with cpecs and U. And as promo pic shows goodlooking manual I may assume that my one is a reprint, instead of lost good one.

And here is Mateminco MT70 itsef.

Yes, this is a BIF flashlight. Not giant, like BLF GT or some other 8×18650 stuff, but still huge. With it`s 800g weight without batteries having shoulder strap included is a serious relief for tired hands.

I picked Imalent RT70 as similar product and potential rival and Skilhunt H03 coz everyone knows this model and can evaluate size of MT70 regarding to it.

!{width:100%} es/MT70_2.jpg!

Squares of knurling are divided by deep grooves and provide with decent grip. Though as a searchlight MT70 is a big thing, it fits hand quite comfortably and for some time you can use it without shoulder strap. I even believe that if you are a big guy, you may do it without help of shoulder strap.

Tailcap is flat, and if you want, MT70 can tailstand. This time, as it is wide, flashlight can be used as camping lantern – if you manage to find diffusor wide enough to fit reflector diameter, tricky thing as last one is 85mm wide.

Strange moment – lubrication at opposite sides differs. Regular “fat” at tailcap side and kinda graphite one at head side. I don’t see any functional reason for using 2 sorts of lubrication. Do you?

And, unfortunately, like in case of Imalent, MT70 support only button tops. And as button top high-drain 18650 are expensive, prepare to spend some money on them as well. Unless, of course, you know the guy who can solder button-tops to battery. Or if you are that guy, of course. I also assume, that unlike RT70, here you can try your luck with magnets, I believe that this time, with battery cassette, chances of shortage are not that high.

Spring is double.

Access to driver is easy.

-The only real use of tripod mount, is this small plug, to which you can attach shoulder strap. The place for hole was chosen without trying to attach real tripod before releasing flashlight. And now, if you have tripod, you will not be able to attach it , as hole is too close to head, tripod plate just too big for it. – upd. it does fit. but you need kinda ball head for tripod. not rectangular one.

Button is quite big, comfortable and has “breathing mode” constantly on, so you should not worry about finding it at all. Button is clicky , and , again, comfortable for use. Don’t know what to add…

There are lots of cooling ribs, great job. With such brightness, flashlight will generate a lot of heat, and several times I faced potentially good flashlights, which functionality was ruined by absence of good thermal dissipation.

Reflector is SMO, with XHP70.2. Seems like it is glued , I couldn’t disassemble it. Head looks impressive with it`s 84mm diameter.

My overall impressions are positive. It is really men`s thing. No elegance at all – just big brutal piece of metal that shoot photons. And for being a searchlight it looks good. Build quality seems to be good, at least machinery and the insides at driver.

1) you can lock it with turning off tailcap, in old way.
2) there is mode memory.
ON – click, OFF – short press.
Choosing modes with clicks.

2clicks activate turbo from any mode
3 clicks – hidden modes: strobe, sos, beacon

(un)lock – about 1sec hold button. I feel it`s not that functional, timing is too short. 3 sec would be OK. Chances to occasionally unlock MT70 in this case are high.


NW, great. Best color temperature for search light.
Light distribution is special, with bright and clearly outlined hotspot and quite bright sidelight.

Runtime charts impressed me in a good way. Temperature control is set to 55 degrees, I also feel that there is a time-limit for turbo. You can see that without cooling (left part of pic) turbo keeps the same timing, but has thermal stepdown. Then, when I activate fan cooling (right part), line returns to the same height as it was in the beginning.

For one time activation, I don’t feel there is any influence of fan cooling at all, cooling ribs work perfectly here and transfer all the heat to air.

Quite often, max stated brightness could be reached only with full-charged batteries, here I turn turbo on and on , over and over again – it was the same bright. Great.

There is a hige gap between LOW-MID and no ULTRALOW at all. Well, that is not that cool, but may be for searchlight that is not that important as for EDC. You can use LOW like “path and bushes” light for close range needs. And searchlight abilities start from MID, though its` brightness doesn’t look impressive. But don’t be mistaken, with reflector that huge, even MID is ok for about 100-150m needs, you can see things there, no doubt. And runtime will be nitelong.

That is not that easy to evaluate useful range of this flashlight. All I can say is that there is a building 400m from my apartment. And MT70 FULLY illuminate it, from 1st to last floor. Of course good thrower can provide with brighter hotspot, sidelight will be dim. And for it`s XHP70.2 MT70 is a killer flashlight light for range like half of kilometer. It can really work at this distance and illuminate a lot of area around.

Comparing with Imalent RT70, Mateminco MT70 looks definitely better. Just take a look.


About 150m

200m to trees at the end of this glade.

400m range.

Unfortunately, rain season stared exactly at the same day when I bought 80-200 2.8 lense, that I planned to use for taking pics at longer range like 800-1000m

I also made a video review, alive videoshooting will be right at the beginning. BTW, please, english-speaking guys, i`m not sure my prononsation is good enough. do you understand what i`m saying there? or mb i`d copypaste text there into review, it`ll make video a way shorter, wll not require so much time from me to create it and from you to see it. pls, i need feedback.


Crazy combination of throw and brightness. Actually, MT70 works at the range of good thrower (not being clear long thrower), overperforming them with sidelight. There is 3-4 long-thrower which can confidently work at longer range. They are throwers with their narrow sidelight.

What about searchlights – I believe that there is just BLF GT70 (and the same size Astrolux version of it) can top Mateminco MT70. But it`s size make this sort of flashlight more toy rather that thing for real use.

So, if you look for ultimate searchlight, both bright and throwing – I can recommend this one.

+ bright
+ mixture of throw and sidelight
+ UI
+ shoulder strap
+ price
+ stabilization\thermal regulation

- no support of flat-top
- (un)lock is not that usable
- size

-\+ doesnt fit all the tripod mounts.

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Nice review thanks.  I got a Mateminco MT70 Plus, great light but still a toy that I don't really carry around.  Ordered last week the MT70 and will be a light I will really use.

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Thanks for the good review.

MT70 seems like a really good flashlight. It’s very bright also can throw far

I got one too

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Nice, looking to collect this light too. Nice lumens and hotspot size, will be v practical in the real world. NW is a bonus too.

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Thanks for the review and great comparisons. I have the MT35 and it was a great thrower for the size and had a really nice NW tint. This MT70 seems to have an equally nice NW tint compared with the RT70 in your pics.