Insulation paint

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Insulation paint

I’m looking for a paint that electrically insulates stuff. It must be heat resistant, stick well to metals and that’s pretty much all my requirements. Though some abrasion resistance would be nice.
I see that I can buy such paint locally, 5L container for $50. I sought smaller amounts, came up with nothing so far.
In China I can get solder mask paint, $1.3 for 10 ml. OK, that’s a better option but quite pricey…
Is there anything in between that I can use?

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Look up VHT Paint..has Silica Ceramic in it, very tough stuff..

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Subbed. Looking for something similar for aluminium.

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I have
- UV soldermask for small stuff / you can get it in many colors Pros: Fast curing with a UV light Cons: Not really cheap, You have to use a brush or something similar to spread the paint
- Teslanol T7 isolation paint / light blue color paint Pros: Its dry in a few minutes, At the right store you can get it cheap Cons: Very thin film (to get a good protection you have to spray many layers)
- CRC Kontakt Chemie PLASTIK 70 / clear paint Pros: You get a thick layer the first time, More robust than any other isolation paint i used Cons: More expensive, Curing time is longer than the others

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Thank you TheOnlyDocc, your answer has led me on a new track. Smile
I can get polyvinyl butyral (PVB) paint locally, 50 ml is $2.7 and 400 ml is $8. Working up to 150 C.

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A bit unconventional, but thermal epoxy?

It sticks, it dries, it’s nigh indestructible (at least as far as prying off mcpcbs), so…

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How much heat?
Plastidip is a good option if it’s under like 90C.

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Powder coat is very strong and cheap option