Thanks for restoring my passion in flashlights

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Thanks for restoring my passion in flashlights

Just wanted express my thanks to the members & owners of this forum!

Was a member of CPF back in the day when Arc was taking off and various modders were pushing the envelope. I kind of lost interest as CPF grew and became more commercial (do still visit from time to time & am grateful for all I learnt there).

BLF embodies all that was good about CPF in its infancy, members are helpful, passionate & can have a good debate without excessive moderation Evil

Since joining BLF my flashlight passion has been re-ignited and I have discovered some great new brands (Emisar & Fireflies stand out).

Already been active in a few group buys and found a few bargains.

Although this forum will likely cost me a fortune I am happy to be a member Smile

Cheers everyone Beer

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Thanks for stopping by, x-ray!


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It’s appreciated that you continue to show us photos of your girlfriend. Keep it up.

“In many things in order to truly understand the small picture you have to understand the big picture first.”

True Color Rendition (TCR)/Simplified Definition: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, a TCR will equate to what true colors you see in sunlight vs the same object’s colors you see when illuminated with a flashlight. The closer the two are, the higher the TCR rating will be.”

The TCR Reference Standard is the Walmart Ozark Trail OT 50L , Model No. 6103.
It has a TCR rating of ‘10’. $1.00 including batteries.

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There are still quite some budgetlight stuff that are recommended and discussed from time to time. In fact when BLF was started it was mainly budgetlights.

So if you choose carefully and be more selective, it will not cost you a fortune. Smile