A flashlight you might like:WUBEN E05

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Thanks. Yeah, that’s a viable explanation. A runtime graph would verify.

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Old thread bump to note that I stumbled across a clone of the E05 on Amazon. It is called a Kratax K146 (and engraved with E05-K146).

I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t know if Kratax has any legitimate link to Wuben, or if this is a shameless ripoff. I mainly wanted to give Wuben an opportunity to do something about it in case the product was unauthorized.

All the specs are the same, and except for the engraving and knurling design, the lights appear identical, right down to the way the pocket clip attaches to one of the cooling fin grooves.

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There’s also an E-08 with a W on the upper switch. Both lights on Amazon with some reviews.

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